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Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version is a Pokemon fangame being developed by DerxwnaKapsyla on RPG Maker XP. It is chronologically the fourth game in the events of the Chaotic Infinity Universe timeline. Being a Touhoumon game, it turns the characters from the Touhou Project series into capturable puppets to be used in battle, much like Pokemon are in the Pokemon series of games.

It is in active development, and is presently on a public release of Demo 4, with Demo 6 currently in progress. Demo 4 and 5 go up to New Bark Town.

Prelude to Faith & Prayer

(Before continuing, this plot is based off the crossover fanfic called "Touhou Puppet Project ~ A Viewpoint" written by Lone Wolf NEO over at No, I didn't get the idea to make the game from the fanfic, I had the idea for making this game for a while, but this story gave me the direction of where I should start, and I'm running with what)

Act 0: The Invaders

“So far, we are unable to determine the cause of this massive outbreak of this invasive species, and researchers are working around the clock to identify these humanoid creatures with characteristics unlike anything we have come across before. Until a conclusive answer can be achieved, we will refer to these creatures as...”

Lots of stuff has happened in the years after Red had beaten the Kanto League and disbanded Team Rocket. Many youths from all over had followed in his footsteps (Even if they didn't quite know it.), such as Gold in Johto. Ruby and Sapphire in Hoenn, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in Sinnoh - they all saved their respective regions from takeover by factions that sought to destroy it. Natural disasters have stricken and been recovered from, such as the Cinnabar Volcano eruption, and the mudslide of Route 23. Things have tested the resolve of humans and Pokemon alike in these past 8 years. But none of these events were anything compared to what was happening now - an invasion.

Two years before present day, Professor Oak, head professor of the Kanto Region, lead an expedition to the Cave of Origin located in Sootopolis City, Hoenn. It was there that the first of the invaders were spotted. Upon first glance, they were mistaken as normal Pokemon, but various tests proved otherwise. Eventually, these invaders started spreading all over.

Eventually, Pokemon were driven out of their habitats by these species, now called Touhoumon, and their fighting. All the Pokemon have fled to areas south of Kanto, areas protected by heavy security. Very few trainers have Pokemon left with them, and those that do seldom fight with them.

Within a year, Pokemon became the minority to the Touhoumon.

A year has passed since the invasion of the Touhoumon, and humans have adapted to the new ways of life. Trainers capture and train Touhoumon, and enter them into the various Pokemon Leagues around the planet. Some also enter them into Contests, or various other events which can showcase the talents of their partners.

Plot of Faith & Prayer Version

You play as either Maribel Han or Renko Usami, two females who are on a search across The Pokemon World, to discover why the Touhoumon have invaded, the rumors behind this mysterious alternate dimension, and how the both of them are connected. However, the questing wont be easy, as corrupt factions from a decade ago - Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, are all beginning to make their return, and embrace this new opportunity with the Touhoumon, and restart their plans for World Domination. Your quest to find the Land of Illusions will be interrupted by Team Rocket, who seeks to do the same. And as you do that, Team Magma and Team Aqua rise up from the depths of the earth and ocean (respectively), and begin to hatch a scheme to take over all of The Pokemon World this time around. Will they be successful, or will they fall to the might of your team of Touhoumon?

Summarisation of Events

WARNING: This section contains spoilers. If you do not wish to be spoiled, do not read this section! The current revision goes up to where Demo 5 ends, and is a work in progress.

The game starts you off in Pallet Town, a day or so after the return of the legendary trainer, Red. The main protagonists, Maribel Hearn and Renko Usami, are chased to Pallet Town, after somehow ending up in the Pokemon World, by a Chibi Chen they encountered on Route 1. They are rescued by Red, who uses a Chibi Reimu to combat the Chibi Chen, and are scolded by professor oak for being out in the tall grass without a puppet of their own, but are soon invited to dinner at Red's house to get to know them better. The next morning, Maribel and Renko go over to Professor Oak's lab to receive a starter puppet of a choice of six puppets, and then get into a practice battle with Red. Canonically, they lose the fight, but it is not impossible to win the fight. Oak gives Renko and Maribel a Pokedex and six Pokeballs, and sends them off to start their journey. In private, Oak updates Red's Pokedex, and he leaves Pallet Town with the Chibi Reimu and Chibi Chen he caught the night before.

The protagonists make their way to Viridian City separately, and meet up at the Trainer Academy, where they have their first battle against one another. They then continue to go their separate ways in an effort to learn about how they got to this world, and if there's any information on Gensokyo in this world. In Pewter City, after the player protagonist beats Museum Curator Miles, Team Rocket closes off the museum, and their leader, Giovanni, has a meeting with Miles about the obtaining of an artifact that supposedly came from the Moon. Though it isn't said why they wanted it, throughout the game, after learning of Team Rocket's goals, it can be assumed that they wanted this artifact as a way to break into Gensokyo. Giovanni was willing to pay a great deal to take it off Miles hands, but Miles adamantly claimed he had no such artifact in his possession. Giovanni left, and Miles gave the protagonist the gym badge that they won.

The protagonist then made their way through the tunnels of Mt. Moon and on to Cerulean City, where they encountered a clerk from the local Pokemart who tasked them to deliver a package to Bill's House up at Cerulean Cape. When the player met Bill and delivered the package, Bill told them about his latest project, a Regional Teleporter device. If the player interacts with Bill later in the game, he says that he got the idea for the Teleporter system from a friend of his, but doesn't say who. In Vermilion City, the player meets back up with the second protagonist, and they head to the Vermilion Seaside Hotel, and discuss what they've seen and learn so far on their journey, but before that they have a battle to see who's the stronger of the two of them. After the battle, the TV reports that there was a hostile takeover of the Kanto Power Plant. The main protagonists head over to the Power Plant, dart past the guard preventing access, and the Manager gives them the go ahead to enter the plant and deal with the situation due to the Police taking too long. The Power Plant is already filled to the brim with Team Rocket grunts, but are all defeated before they could cause serious harm to the region.

After departing from the Power Plant, Maribel and Renko go their separate ways once more. Canonically speaking, Renko takes the Rock Tunnel shortcut to Lavender Town, while Maribel takes the Cerulean City gatehouse to Saffron City, but regardless the same events happen. Not much happens for the duration of this segment of their travels until they reach Fuschia City, where Renko and Maribel get into another battle with each other to see how much they've improved. As the rival leaves, the player discovers that there's been abnormal activity up near the Abandoned Safari Zone, and goes to check it out, and finds out that Team Rocket has invaded it. The protagonist engages in battle with Team Rocket and drives them out of the Safari Zone. Through much later progression of the plot, it is revealed that Team Rocket had invaded the Safari Zone in an attempt to find a portal into Gensokyo. After departing the Safari Zone, Bill appears out of nowhere and reveals to the player that he's managed to perfect Interregional Teleportation, and hands them a Miniature Teleportation Device, which will transport them across the region.

With Kanto's mainland traversed entirely, the only place left to go for information about Gensokyo is to Cinnabar Island. Refurbished nearly 5 years ago after the Volcano erupted and wiped out the Island, Cinnabar Island has once again become a popular tourist spot for people from around the world. From the Volcano to the Pokemon Gym, to the Pokemon Mansion buried under the ground due to the newly formed earth, Cinnabar Island became a much larger place.The player travels to Cinnabar Island to see if they can find any information about Gensokyo, but their plans are cut drastically short as it is revealed that Team Rocket has entered the Volcano for some reason. Obviously up to no good again, the player enters the volcano to put a halt to their actions. Upon reaching the topmost area of the Volcano, the player battles with a high ranking Team Rocket Admin and defeats them. This causes Team Rocket to pull out of Kanto and to retreat back into the Johto Region.

After the player leaves the Volcano, they discover that the roadblock that was blocking off the far-west potions of Kanto that lead to Johto were removed, and they head for those routes to advance into Johto. While traversing this mountainous route, the player encounters the rival once more and they engage in a battle again to see who is stronger. The player wins, and once again the two go their separate ways into Johto.

The player enters the Johto Region for the first time via the river near New Bark Town. When attempting to leave the town, they are stopped and told to go to Professor Elm's lab for some reason. In Professor Elm's lab, at the request of Professor Oak, Elm updates their Pokedex so that Professor Oak can get in contact with them should he learn anything new about the puppets or about Gensokyo. The Pokedes also has Bill's number programmed in so Bill can contact them about the Regional Teleportation System. Before sending the player on their way, Elm notifies them that Pokemon have very slowly been coming out of hiding, and some can be encountered on routes.

The rest of the game summary will come as more demos are released.