Abyssial Particles

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The Abyss, though it may be an empty realm, is host to its own form of life- if it could be called that. The Abyssial Particles are fragments that make up the strictest laws of the Omniverse. These are known as the Particles of Space, Particles of Time, and Memory Fragments. Each of the Particles have their own purpose within the Omniverse and the Abyss. With enough practice and training, one can start to attune themselves to the unique frequency of the Particles, and thus learn how to manipulate them.

Particles of Space

Particles of Space were created when the Omniverse was established by The Creator. Their primary function was to be the metaphorical building blocks of the Omniverse, but it was soon discovered that they could be manipulated further to create Void Objects and Abyssial Gateways. Particles of Space, when crafted into Void Objects, can create all sorts of objects- from objects as simple as a ball, to more complex constructs such as a house. Though they can be created both in and out of the Abyss, Void Objects will always remain invisible; however, this is irrelevant to those who can sense the particles, as they will know where the object is at all times. The only difference with Void Object visibility is when an Abyssial Gateway is opened. The gateway will give off a variety of colors, which are a mesh of the place it has been connected to. If it’s connected to the Abyss, a gateway will look almost pure black. Abyssial Gateways can be created with both Particles of Space and Particles of Time to create Abyssial Gateways that lead out of the Abyss and into the Omniverse at large. When creating gateways in general, it is Particles of Space that allow the opener to specify the exact location of where they wish to travel.

Particles of Time

Particles of Time were created during the Deluge of Time when The Creator split the Archetype of Passage’s creation, the Seron Crystal, into infinite fragments and scattered it throughout the Omniverse. This act is known more commonly as the Beginning of Time, and it’s what caused time to flow throughout the Omniverse. When this happened, the Omniverse began destabilizing- entire multiversal clusters and down were collapsing back into the Abyss, and were leaving remnant fragments of their existence- Particles of Space and Particles of Time. Particles of Time are only really useful when it comes to creating external Abyssial Gateways, as they allow the opener to specify the point of time of their destination. Manipulating Particles of Time is much trickier, because one accidental misstep could send the gateway opener to a completely different point in the timeline, or in the more extreme cases, a different timeline altogether. Though this is their active use, they do have a more passive trait, which manifests in the abstract lack of time passage within the Abyss. This also has the unfortunate side effect of messing with the biological systems of individuals that have prolonged exposure to the Abyss. While it doesn’t completely halt them, it can slow them down greatly, or cause some processes to go completely haywire.

Memory Fragments

Memory Fragments are a more recent discovery, and are created when a Universe or a Timeline destabilize during the Abyss Reboot Protocol. The destabilized attempt to enter the Abyss for repairs, but because of the Reboot Protocol, the destabilized cant reach the repair facility. Without immediate lockdown, it isn’t long before the destabilized ceases to exist and deform into the Abyssial Particles used to create them. However, a new fragment gets created upon these destabilization- the Memory Fragments. Memory Fragments are, as the name would imply, the memories of the destabilized. From the Universe or Timeline itself, to the individuals residing in it, these fragments consist of all the memories that were present up to the point of collapse. Occasionally, these fragments can leak into other Timelines, and seek out new hosts- usually taking preference to the individual they came from in their former universe. This is how the concept we know as “Deja Vu” comes into existence, as a being is recalling memories from another self (or in some cases, someone else entirely). Sometimes, this has the unfortunate side effect of creating false memories within an individual.