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Alan Q. Bunbury (full name Alan Quincy Bunbury) is a reluctant multiversal traveler. Each night, when he falls asleep, he is flung across his general multiverse via an unknown and poorly understood method and wakes up in a similar body in some other universe. This body is of a different Alan Q. Bunbury, whose role in society, reputation, and abilities are unique to each universe. The only constant is his consciousness, which suggests that general multiverse to which he is bound is defined by his own body-swapping technique.

The Many Worlds of Alan Q. Bunbury

On the evening of his 21st birthday, Alan went to sleep in his quiet flat in England and woke up the next morning in an unfamiliar place. Since then, he has learned to adapt to each new world thrown his way, for better or for worse. The "distance" which he is thrown is variable; the first time took him to what appeared to be a different timeline within his original universe, but he has traveled further than the span of one local multiverse in a single jump before. In each universe there was at least one "Alan Q. Bunbury" which this common Alan then took over for the span of at least one day. Alan has never been in the same universe or at least not the same timeline more than once (to his knowledge).

Some of the universes he has traveled to are enumerated below, usually denoted in respect to the position of that particular universe's Alan Q. Bunbury.

  • In which Alan Q. Bunbury is an Outlaw of the Old West
  • In which Alan Q. Bunbury is in trouble with the Martian Mafia
  • In which Everything is Far Too Loud
  • In which Alan Q. Bunbury is a Cancer Patient on the Moon
  • In which Alan Q. Bunbury is a Prize-Winning Duck
  • In which Towels are a deadly offense
  • In which Alan Q. Bunbury is a member of the Living Dead
  • In which Alan Q. Bunbury is alone
  • In which Alan Q. Bunbury is a lowly peasant
  • In which the Vikings have returned
  • In which Alan Q. Bunbury is a Voldernaut
  • In which Alan Q. Bunbury is not the main character of this story
  • In which Alan Q. Bunbury is a powerful CEO
  • In which Alan Q. Bunbury is an Eldritch Terror
  • In which everyone is Alan Q. Bunbury
  • In which Alan Q. Bunbury is not alone

The Other Alans

Presumably, prior to this continuous Alan Q. Bunbury consciousness taking ownership of an instance of Alan Q. Bunbury, there was a prior occupant of that body. It is currently unknown as to where that consciousness goes during the time which the continuous Alan Q. Bunbury takes hold or whether or not it returns after the aforementioned consciousness leaves.