Captains of Voldernauts Paramount

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The Captains of Voldernauts Paramount (PVC) are a governing body of voldernaut officers. They issue orders called Certifications that must be obeyed by all voldernauts. These orders deal with training or the building of armies or bases.

Due to the sensitive nature of Certifications, the PVC sends them out in the form of vaguely related images, which the voldernauts can decrypt.

Members of PVC hold the rank Paramount Captain, the highest known rank.

List of Certifications

Certification 2114

Certification 2114.jpg

Certification 2114 instructs voldernauts on how to be successful warriors in the army.

Certification 2783

Certification 2783 is about how to steal cars and turn them into weapons of mass destruction.

Certification 3212

Certification 3212 is about the construction of powerful weaponry.

Certification 3411

Certification 3411 is about naval warfare and occupying enemy beach zones.

Certification 3496

Certification 3496.jpg

Certification 3496 deals with how to raise a proper voldernaut family.

Certification 4552

Certification 4552.jpg

Certification 4552 details how to construct a solid voldernaut base.

Certification 4932

Automobile insurance 4932.jpg

Certification 4932 details how to effectively wage guerrilla and jungle warfare.

Certification 4944

Certification 4944 explains the outline of a typical voldernaut city-base.

Certification 5031

Certification 5031 details the rules of motorcycle warfare.

Certification 5113

Certification 5113 is about how to manipulate weather, i.e. create rainstorms and such.

Certification 5204

Certification 5204 instructs voldernauts on surveillance and espionage.