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Cataegis is a planet plagued by eternal storms. This planet is unique for being the only planet to exist in its universe.

Properties of Cataegis

Cataegis floats through a black void, orbiting no star but is still getting energy through unknown means. Viewed from this void, Cataegis has gray clouds spanning the entire planet. These are storm clouds produced by the Pocket of Storms. Civilization on Cataegis is comparable to medieval times as is its technology level and the planet is dominated by humans. As the storms on Cataegis cause frequent floods and fires, the inhabitants of the planet are trying to locate the source of these storms and, if possible, stop them. Cataegis is mainly a plains planet, but has forests. Cataegis goes through the four seasons and has no oceans. Life on Cataegis was started by the unknown god inhabiting it's pocket universe.



Humans are the dominant sapient species in this universe. Simon Valer is a human trying to enter the Pocket of Storms in order to contact the god of Cataegis.

Cataegan God

The sole god of Cataegis is the creator of this universe and all of its inhabitants. It currently resides in the Pocket of Storms.