Chronicles of the Omniverse

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The Chronicles of the Omniverse is a series of short stories and games penned by User:Derxwna that document the various adventures that happen within the Omniverse. These mostly revolve around the inhabitants of the Overseer Household, Derxwna Kapsyla, R.K., and Kalypsa Kapsyla, though infrequently other characters distanced from the Overseer Household get their own stories as well, such as Krail Rigatro. Most of the overarching stories (the X of the Y stories) are roughly two chapters total, and go for a significant length, though there are some that have only one chapter, or more than three chapters. The games are much longer, and would span the length of a game would proper.

List of Stories

Below is a list of stories that are part of the Chronicles of the Omniverse, as well as a brief summary of each one.

Act 0: Archetypes

  • Chronicles of the Abyss: Realm of the Archetypes: This story revolves around the creation and existence of the Archetype Realm, as well as its gradual destruction and birth of The Abyss.
  • Chronicles of the Abyss: The Deluge of Time: This story revolves around the eventual Archetype of Time's contribution to the Omniverse creation process, as well as the conflict that resulted when the Archetype of Space tried to usurp control.

Act 1: Entry into the Abyss

  • Origins of the Rectifier: A Product of Curiosity: This story tells of the creation of the drone RK-2018, and its eventual arrival to the Abyss, where it would gain sentience via The Creator.
  • Origins of the Rectifier: A Servant of Divinity: This story involves R.K. learning about their new purpose and acting as an Omniversal Enforcer and Overseer for The Creator.
  • Origins of the Observer: A Dilemma of Curiosity: This story recounts Derxwna's time as head scientist of the Epsilon Facility, and the failure of Project Planeswalker.
  • Origins of the Observer: The Price of Knowledge: This story recounts Derxwna's new role in life as an Omniversal Overseer, and his new job at keeping the Abyss and Omniverse safe.

Act 2: Omniversal Overseers

  • Chronicles of the Rectifier: An Omniverse in Turmoil: Also known as The Omniverse Project. This game revolves around the Destabilization Crisis, in which the Archetype of Chaos, Katagama, used his Archetypical Doppelgangers to wreak havoc on the Omniverse.
  • Chronicles of the Observer: The Downspiral of Regrets: This story focuses on Derxwna getting captured by a group of scientists who wish to know more about the Darkness at the Universe's End, as well as the Omniverse as a whole.
  • Origins of the Wanderer: A Subject of Curiosity: This story recounts Kalypsa birth and initial purpose as the pride and joy of Research Station Cretya, Experiment D2.
  • Origins of the Wanderer: A Subject of Individuality: This story recounts Kalypsa's journey as Experiment D2 to try and discover who she was and what she wanted to do with her life.

Act 3: Catastrophic Circumstances

  • Chronicles of the Wanderer: XIV - A Realm of Calamity: This story is about Kalypsa and her travels throughout the Omniverse, eventually leading her to the world of Hydaelyn, in the region of Eorzea.
  • Chronicles of the Abyss: Consequences of Disaster: This story is about Derxwna's eventual return to his home universe, only to get captured by World Travel Inc., the organization responsible for the funding of Project Planeswalker.
  • Chronicles of the Abyss: An Unfortunate Archetype: This story revolves around the Thundercloud Distortion, an Omniversal instance that is unobservable via the Overseer, making it unreachable, and discovering why this was the case.
  • Chronicles of the Wanderer: Infinity Meltdown: This story takes place within the Sky Realm and focuses on Kalypsa teaming up with the crew of the Grandcypher to track down the cause of an Omniversal abnormality.
  • Chronicles of the Observer: Fragment of Discord: This story takes place within the Sky Realm and focuses on Derxwna teaming up with the crew of the Grandcypher to track down a Remnant of Katagama, and put an end to their machinations once and for all.

Stray Stories

  • Chronicles from Beyond: (Title Pending): Also known as (Title Pending). This game revolves around Lena Blackdale and her crew of adventurers, (Name Pending), as they undertake jobs for the Great Beyond, an Omnidimensional Adventurer's Guild run by Krail Rigatro.