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Combaticus is a title shared by a number of individuals across the Omniverse with a common trait being that they are all nigh-indestructible only in the throes of combat, be it physical, mental, or otherwise. The offensive capabilities of these individuals are unmatched.

Behavior and Appearance

The appearance of the individual bearing the title of Combaticus varies between universes. Though the name might suggest a large, male Roman centurion, the title of Combaticus has been found to manifest in a wide variety of people. In some universes, it is found upon the mantle of a valiant general whose strategies are unmatched in all wars in his/her campaign and who has personally foiled all assassination attempts. In others, it is merely the online handle of a particularly skilled first-person-shooter player.

In either case, the person who bears the title feels particularly drawn to the name from an early age. They might not speak it aloud, but they may hear whispers of the name in the silence of the night, or feel compelled to write it in some form. The name will stay with them and they may think nothing of it, but the title of Combaticus will dictate the rest of their life whether they know it or not.

Those who are gifted with the title of Combaticus will feel an urge to action in one form or another. This could take the form of a spirited debate or a heated match of sports, a twinge of greed for economic success or the boiling blood of revenge for a wrong enacted against the title-bearer. Once the urge is felt and accepted, the title-bearer will be unstoppable in that arena of "combat", as an undefeated player, a particularly successful businessperson, a trailblazer of reform or legislative action, or simply as a self-fulfilling power who now has full control over his/her life.

Powers and Weaknesses

Note that the majority of Combaticus's powers stem from being in the midst of some form of combat or competition, and are not engaged or available to the title-bearer outside of those situations.

Physical strength

In a contest of strength, Combaticus's physical prowess is improved considerably, allowing the title-bearer to overpower much larger or skilled opponents than normally possible for a person of his/her size or training.

Augmented senses

Similarly, a title-bearer in the middle of a competition would then be gifted with increased sensory perception; this manifests in the form of sight, hearing, smell, taste, or tactile sensation in human title-bearers, but in non-human bearers it can extend into further senses.

Mental fortitude

Combaticus's mental aptitude is boosted considerably when challenged to a battle of wits. A title-bearer may not gain new information that they would otherwise lack, but they can process that information much more quickly and are better at extrapolating that information accurately while in the throes of combat. New strategies can make themselves known and unimportant information is more easily ignored.


Combaticus's most prominent weakness is that he/she cannot use his/her considerable powers while outside of a combat situation. This requires a conscious acknowledgement of the situation and is thus limited by the availability of the title-bearer at any given moment; in essence, if the title-bearer is asleep, then they are completely vulnerable for that period of time.

Notably, denying the title when asked will also eliminate all power associated with the title. In order to use the benefits, one must accept the title. Unless the direct answer to the question "Are you Combaticus?" is "I am", "I am Combaticus", or even a simple "Yes", the power will wane and the strength of Combaticus will leave the title-bearer until they accept the title again.

The power of the title of Combaticus is physically draining, and using it for too long without rest can cause considerable damage to the title-bearer. This leads some title-bearers to simply never rest, and constantly use the title of Combaticus without stopping, using the title to refuel themselves while creating a monumental hazard in the fact that, if they should ever be convinced that they are out of combat, they will instantly drop dead.

Combaticus is not immortal nor invincible, and there are individuals with the potential to defeat Combaticus even at full power. However, the title-bearer's recognition of this fallibility seems to be one of the only gaps in the enhanced cognition granted by the title, and can lead to a sure defeat if allies do not intervene.