Creation Realm

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In the Beyond there are a multitude of Great Beings, and each has the power to create something from nothingness, a world from the void. One among them, who was called Great Heart, or Kelev, formed the beginning of the Creation Realm, and he made a vow that all the Great Beings that would take part in the Creation must be in unanimous agreement over anything they did or caused, directly or indirectly, to happen. And one of their vows was that none of their Avatars may be more powerful than the most powerful Created Being, because the Realm was made for their Creation, rather than conflict between the Great Beings.

The Realm

The first system of the Creation realm was called the Origin system, after the planet closest to its sun. In the center of the system was a white star, which ejected energy and matter in the form of solar flares and occasionally strange objects that flew to the farthest reaches of the system, and the universe. It would take an incredible amount of power and resilience to enter the star, but if they did one would find a wormhole that went to a hidden pocket dimension.

The first world orbiting the sun was called Origin, and it was the birthplace of the creation of the Great Beings. There they formed the Fae, the firstborn race of Sapient Beings, and they walked among them as Avatars. The firstborn Fae were called the Elder Fae, and there were 4096 of them; and every one of them was unique from each other. Many had humanoid forms, and most of those that didn't could magically take a humanoid form.

Among the Elder Fae were Firstborn, the first Created Being of the Cosmos, and Morning Star, the most beautiful of the Fae, and Prophet, who could perceive the past, present, and future, and Godspower, who was (although not by much) the most powerful being in the Cosmos, even more than the Avatars of the Great Beings.

The second world orbiting the sun was called Craftstone, and it was the building place of the Fae, which they travelled to in order to harness the elements to form their own creation, and they made many wonderful things there. Originally, it had been a great, empty land, but many kinds of beasts were formed there, living creatures with bodies and minds, but without spirits to give them free will.

After the Fae had lived for an untold number of days, Kelev fulfilled his plan for the Creation and took humans, brown skinned creatures of the earth, and imbued them with spirit, making them equal with the ancient Fae. Furthermore, unlike the Fae they were said to be made in the image of the Great Beings in the Beyond, and they were given dominion over all the worlds of the Creation Realm, except for Origin. But Morning Star grew jealous of the high status given to Man, and he became the first murderer in the Realm, killing some of them, and he enticed many other of the Fae to side with him against the men as well. Then Godspower (who had been prewarned of this by Prophet, though he did not believe it until it passed) fought with Morning Star, and greatly weakened, Morning Star fled to Craftstone, where he hid in its great, uninhabited expanse.

After this there were many wars on Craftstone, with various Men and Fae on either side. Morning Star, enticing men with power far greater than they could attain on their own, convinced some humans to side with him. And some Fae mated with humans, who produced Half Bloods, who possessed a portion of the powers of their Fae ancestors, but also possessed humanity.

At the conclusion of these wars, Godspower sacrificed all of his power to bind Morning Star into the form of an insane humanoid who, who he imprisoned on a world far outside of the Origin system. After this, for the most part the Fae confined themselves to Origin, and Men to Craftstone. But it was said that there were still portals between the two worlds, and, many years later, some fae did come to Craftstone, and some Men to Origin.