Derxwna Kapsyla

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Derxwna Kapsyla
Derx (Stuffman).png
Derxwna Kapsyla of the Abyss
Full NameDerxwna Kapsyla
AbilitiesAbyssial Particle Manipulation
BornApril 15th, 1993
RelationshipsKalypsa Kapsyla (Sister), R.K. (Associate), Krail Rigatro (College Roommate)
HomelandUnited States
OccupationOmniversal Overseer
LooksAppears to be in his late 20s
Hair Style and ColorRather messy when unmaintained, dark brown, dropping down to his shoulders.
Eye ColorDark Brown
ClothingAn old white lab coat that's starting to fade a bit, a bit torn, that drops down to his knees. A black undershirt, and a white pair of pants.

Derxwna Kapsyla is one of the Omniversal Overseers. Alongside R.K., Derxwna keeps an eye on Omniverse and checks for any sign of unnatural Destabilization Catalyst appearances. He spends most of his time in the Abyss either reading or playing various video games, as abnormalities don't happen too often. He seldom departs from the Abyss for travel unless the silence of the realm grows too overwhelming. He is the older brother of the twin Kapsyla "siblings", with Kalypsa Kapsyla being his younger sister.

Era of the Epsilon Facility

College Life

Back before Derxwna entered the Abyss, he was known by the name of Andrew Pozitski, his real name. Back then, he used to be fascinated by the concept of time and space, and when he started watching a certain British TV show about adventures through Time and Space, he came to the realization that he wanted to figure out how to create a way to travel across time and space.

In college, his classes were mostly focused on higher mathematics, quantum physics, astrology, as well as numerous other classes which were somehow intertwined with the study of Time and Space. In his studies, he and a colleague of his, Krail Rigatro, had discovered documentation on the existence of a dark spot at the "Edge of the Universe". Together they managed to develop a machine which could transport stuff to the dark space, but since it could only transfer small objects, they built a small probe to be sent, which was to document and record what the dark space was. However, after the probe was sent, and after days of waiting, there was no feedback from the probe. They seemed this a lost cause, and decided to scrap the project.

While still at school, Andrew had come up with the idea that this wasn't the only universe. He used universe as an umbrella term to describe what happens within the boundaries of the dark space. This eventually developed into a full blown theory, which he wrote a paper about the existence of a multiple set of universes - a multiverse. Eventually, he graduated from the university he was attending, knowledgeable in enough to start him off on looking deeper into his idea of a Multiverse to see if it was true or not, and continue to find a way to develop a way to travel across the stars in time.

Rise of the Epsilon Facility

Andrew formed a research institute, the Epsilon Facility, with several people he knew from college among other individuals, dedicated to learning more about what lies beyond the reaches of their Universe, and attempting to prove the Multiverse Theory once and for all. This is what lead to the initialization of Operation Multithreading, which was the codename for the operation that would discover and make contact with a parallel universe of some kind, and was what birthed the creation of The Overseer, a highly sophisticated and advanced computer that would interface with the James Webb Telescope to try and pierce past the darkness at the "Edge of the Universe". Once Overseer was able to discover another universe, Andrew presented his findings to the scientific community in an attempt to gain funding for the next part of their plan. Unfortunately, most organizations thought the idea of establishing communications with a parallel universe was too far-fetched an idea to be a possibility, save for one; World Travel Inc, the largest travel agency in the world.

Through the backing of World Travel Inc., the Epsilon Facility was able to begin work on Project Planeswalker, which would later be called the Reality Gateway Machine. Project Planeswalker's ultimate goal was the transportation of matter from one universe to another. Despite multiple failures, Andrew and the facility pressed on, trying to get the machine to work. When they got it working as best as they could, they moved forward with using actual humans.

Reality Gateway Machine Incident

The first expedition with the Reality Gateway Machine would be a memorable one, as it was the first to send humans through the machine. The ones to go through were part of Epsilon Facility staff, and volunteered of their own accord. Andrew oversaw the operation, only to discover the operation resulting in apparent failure. After roughly a month of no communication, the Epsilon Facility lost hope of their safety, and the entire facility was left in disarray for a short while. It wouldn't be for another year that a second attempt was even discussed.

While Andrew had entertained the idea of a second expedition, he was hesitant to even propose the idea. He spent most of his time in his office, trying to deduce why it failed the first time around, and why the machine had a faulty success rate to begin with. He and his team were able to optimize the machine further, but it would never go much higher than a 60% success rate. Despite Andrew's constant efforts, he still couldn't figure out what was responsible for the teleportation. The other scientists would observe Andrew in his office constantly, pouring over notes and documentation while he tried to figure out the mystery.

The rumors of a second expedition begun to fly around the facility, and those who were with the facility for the first expedition were hesitant about attempting another one so soon. Andrew wasn't even the one to propose the idea, but someone caught wind of one of his conversations with a World Travel Inc. representative., where he said they were "looking into one for the future". Eventually, Andrew came out to address the rumors officially, but he never got a proper chance to confirm or deny whether or not a second one would be happening., as the Reality Gateway Machine was activated prematurely, and sucked them- along with the entire Universe as a result- into the oblivion. The scientists of the Epsilon Facility would find themselves in an empty, black realm.

In the empty realm, Andrew and the scientists would come across a being that appeared to be a cyborg of some kind. They revealed their existence to be known as R.K., an entity that was tasked to keep an eye on the Omniverse and prevent unnatural disasters from occurring within it. While R.K. was explaining what just happened to the world they came from, Andrew had come to the realization that this entity was actually, somehow, the drone that he and his friend Krail had send into the dark space, which R.K. revealed to be called The Abyss, and was the same realm they were in right now. However, after realizing this, another wave of guilt flooded over Andrew, on top of the guilt of the previous Incident, the current one, and the fact that he and Krail abandoned hope of R.K. still existing.

When the Scientists were to return home, Andrew opted to stay behind in the Abyss and assist R.K. with their endeavors. While he cited the reason being curiosity, as well as a sense of obligation, the large contributing factor was guilt, and this was his way of punishing himself for his actions, despite it not being his fault. The scientists departed for the repaired universe, leaving Andrew behind. R.K. then began to officially inform him of the properties of the Omniverse, as well as the Abyss.

A Denizen of the Abyss

Birth of the Voidwalker

Andrew began learning what R.K. knew in its time in the Abyss; how Abyssial Particles work and what they do, as well as how to sense them, the hierarchy of the Three Realms, how Omniverses break down and function, how time and space flow in the Abyss (rather, how they don't flow), what a Destabilizer Catalyst was, how the Abyss handles universes that have been destabilized, as well as how he went about defending universes. As part of Andrew's training, R.K. took him out to various universes to assist on patrols and to practice particle manipulation.

While Andrew explored new places, he picked up his own way of resolving conflicts in universes. Whereas R.K. took a more frontal approach with various types of weaponry, Andrew often sought to use other means to resolve conflicts, such as using the populace to form an uprising, or using the technology against their users. Most of the time, he preferred to keep his hands clean when possible- if he could avoid taking life or spilling blood, he would. Ultimately, his methods were to stick to the shadows. When Andrew finally got the hang of manipulating particles properly, he started going out to universes on his own, handling small scale conflicts to hone his skills. It was also around this time that he adopted the name Derxwna Kapsyla. Derxwna was picked up from his old internet alias, while Kapsyla was from a universe that had it defined as a term in its local language for "one who comes from the shadows".

As Derxwna continued to practice with the Abyssial Particles, he sought to create more elaborate Void Objects with them. One of the things he made was the Overseer Household, the base of operations from which he and R.K. would live in and work. Once the house was set up, Derxwna began visiting various universes and bringing over technology from them to create a replica of The Overseer, one that was capable of analyzing Universes on a scale similar to the first incarnation. Unbeknownst to Derxwna at the time, provided by The Creator, Overseer was upgraded once more to be much more powerful, and observe the Omniverse in it's infinite entirety.

An Omniverse in Turmoil

During Derxwna's time in The Abyss, several disasters occurred, the biggest one being the Omniverse Destabilization Crisis, where the Existential Archetype of Chaos, Katagama sent out numerous 'clones' of himself to instigate Universal Destabilization. While R.K. was the one dealing with the situation directly, Derxwna stayed behind in the Abyss to coordinate efforts and help R.K. locate any potential issues. There were a few instances where Derxwna stepped away from the control seat and left Overseer handle coordination while he dealt with Katagama's clones elsewhere. One of these happened to take place in a universe that housed the realm of Gensokyo, where one of the clones was attempting to throw the realm into disarray.

While Derxwna had solved the issue, he needed a way to dispose of the Destabilization Catalyst, not to mention the ones R.K. was recovering. Fortunately, he learned of an area underground that gathered abnormal properties during the incident where it could destroy Abyss-Influenced Objects without causing a surge of destructive energy. After brokering a deal with the overseer of the underground, Derxwna had gained access to the Hell of Blazing Fires, and utilized it to dispose of all of the Destabilization Catalysts that were being held in the Abyss for safe keeping.

Code Mauve

Occasionally, Derxwna does have the moments where he absolutely needs to leave the Abyss for whatever reason. In times like these, he would have Overseer open a gateway to what it thinks would be a fitting location for him to relax at. One time this occurred, Overseer sent Derxwna into a universe where he would eventually meet up with a group of scientists similar to the group he was familiar with. This group was trying to learn more about the "Edge of Reality", which Derxwna presumed to be The Abyss. However, coming just hot out of the Omniverse Destabilization Crisis, Derxwna was hesitant to tell individuals about the existence of the Abyss, as well as the Omniverse at large. Unfortunately, he implied that he knew about it, and the scientists refused to accept a lack of knowledge for an answer, and Derxwna was promptly captured. Sometime after his capture, his phone lost connection with Overseer, and this triggered the Overseer Threat Evaluation Program to trigger a Code Mauve.

While Derxwna was in captivity, the scientists who captured him put him into a sort of dream-like virtual reality state, where he was forced to relive some aspects of his past, albeit wit some slight differences as a result of the experimentation. Meanwhile, the scientists outside were trying to probe his memories for information about what he knew. Not long after being captured, R.K. managed to break into the facility and retrieve Derxwna, and then promptly managed to nearly raze it to the ground. While those scientists lost Derxwna, they still had a backup of their data, and this allowed them to continue their research, albeit in a... different manner.

Consequences of Disaster

A great deal of time after learning about the creation of Kalypsa, Derxwna would return back to his personal universal instance of Earth after an overwhelming sense of homesickness. He returns to the Epsilon Facility in the dead of night, only to get captured by the guards that had been stationed there by World Travel inc. He was taken to the Tibrena Facility on Totoya Island, where World Travel Inc. was attempting to create a hub for devices similar to the Reality Gateway Machine. Once Derxwna reached the grounds of the Tibrena Facility, Overseer's signal was jammed, and Overseer reported a Code Mauve once again.

In the Tibrena Facility, Derxwna was interrogated about his whereabouts for the past three years, as well as what he's been up to. Derxwna was still wary of informing non-aware individuals about The Abyss, and this time he was even further cautious about letting tells slip about the existence of the realm. He informed them that he had been universe jumping, but left out anything about The Abyss. When asked how he was doing that, he declined to answer any further questions, and was imprisoned in one of the detention cells. A few days after interrogation, Derxwna was taken before the head of World Travel Inc. herself, the very person who funded the Epsilon Facility's Project Planeswalker: Beatrix Corrisa.

Like the guards before, Beatrix also attempted to interrogate Derxwna and pull information out of him, and like before, Derxwna remained adamant with his answers. It was at that point that Beatrix sent her personal guards out of the room, and revealed to Derxwna that she was aware of both of the Reality Gateway Machine incidents, and that she was the Existential Archetype of Travel, which gave Derxwna the realization he needed as to why she was able to assist with efforts years ago. As Beatrix explains herself to Derxwna, Kalypsa and R.K. break into the conference room to rescue Derxwna, only to discover that the two of them were just having a conversation.

Derxwna is then informed of what his punishment was for the Reality Gateway Machine incident; he was to serve as Beatrix's personal assistant for the next year while he compiled his knowledge about the Omniverse and the Abyss, as well as how to make the Reality Gateway Machine function properly now, or he could surrender the technical knowledge of Overseer and help program a replica that would recognize Beatrix as an administrator, and allow her the ability to spread travel across the Omniverse at large, and doing such would lessen his sentence. Derxwna chose the later, as there was really no real reason not to knowing Beatrix's intentions. He served out his sentence as Beatrix's assistant for some months, trying to get Overseer Prime functioning properly outside of the Abyss. Once that was finished, his sentence was up, and he returned to the Abyss.

The Unfortunate Archetype

Later on, Derxwna visits the Thundercloud Distortion, which was the codename for a Universal instance that had been unobservable to Overseer for quite some time, after learning from Kalypsa that there might be someone in that Universe who could help them figure out why it's unobservable. Kalypsa and Derxwna, guided by Lifrana Sevaria, make their way to a place called Research Station Cretya, where the two of them realize that this very same facility, and its group of scientists, were responsible for Derxwna's first capture, and Kalypsa's creation some time back, especially after they come face to face with the head of the facility once more, Elizabeth McDouglas.

Through Elizabeth and Lifrana's combined knowledge, as well as the history of the Omniverse, Derxwna and Kalypsa are able to deduce a possible cause for the distortion; an Archetype of some type was behind it. Eventually, they discover that said entity was Kagari, former right hand assistant of Kotonoji's Enigma Brigade, and an amnesiac Archetype of Light.