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Dhramsitch is a large universe covered in roads that is home to a variety of magical individuals. These magical beings are sustained by a patheon of deities to whom they are incredibly devoted. Transportation is a key part of the social structure of Dramsitch, and the various expressions of religion in the universe are divided over the nature of transportation.

This page is about a topic that is located in the Dhramsitch universe.

The Movement Cults

The religions of Dhramsitch are each centered on a particular mode of transit, and their beliefs and practices are styled after the vehicles that they pilot.

The Truck Clerics

Truck Clerics are stalwart denizens of the open road, endlessly taking jobs from the Chief Goddess and her underlings via their CB radios. They go unerringly and without rest towards each destination, trucking whatever the Chief Goddess requests, and in return they are given a fraction of her magnificent power. They are strong and resilient, and the most devout of them can go for months without sleep.

They ride in massive Rolling Temples, testaments to the glory of the Chief Goddess. They are great eighteen-wheeled monstrosities that carry a complete building on their axles. The Clerics do not control the truck so much as listen and learn from its wisdom as they ride. By getting in touch with the machine and its maker, they can learn to control the world around them and advance it to a better state.

The Busbound Healers

The Healers are the operators of the buses of Dhramsitch, and as such serve both as ambulance and mass transit. Since the vast majority of Dhramsitch's surface is paved road, accidents are common, and it is up to the Healers to maintain physical order and ensure the health and safety of every mortal. Their buses come in various sizes, but the largest is still smaller than the Rolling Temples of the Truck Clerics. Each Emergency Loader has a trained staff of one driver and three personnel.

The Emergency Loaders report to Depots which serve as their refueling stations and hospitals. While quick repairs and routine checkups can take place on the Loaders themselves, if a wound is too severe or if a Loader becomes full, it is necessary to report back to the Depot. These spaces are difficult to maneuver, but each Loader receives instructions from They Who Monitors the Buses to prevent collisions or arguments.

Druid of the Van

Mick Milliways, one of the Manifold Druids, parks his van next to a five-way junction. He claims that he's a Druid, but few have ever seen him perform any actual feats of magic.

The Pantheon

While the mortals of Dhramsitch abide on the Low Roads, the Pantheon lurks above in the High Ways, watching and protecting Dhramsitch from itself.

The Chief Goddess

The Chief Goddess is head of the Pantheon and is the patron deity of the entirety of Dhramsitch. She oversees all activity in the universe and reveals information through the Infinitypedia on its surface. She is wise, patient, and omniscient. Through her chosen followers the Truck Clerics, she directs the largest vehicles on Dhramsitch and dictates the flow of bulk goods and special materials. The Chief Goddess is credited with creating Dramsitch and its inhabitants.

They Who Monitors the Buses

The Busbound Healers answer to They Who Monitors the Buses, or Theymonbus for short. Theymonbus directs the flow of the Healers through highly populated areas and ensures the safety of each mortal on Dhramsitch. When any mortal dies, Theymonbus sends an avatar of themself to the mortal plane to collect their essence personally.

Vannigan of the Four Doors

Vannigan of the Four Doors is the patron deity of Vans. Unfortunately, the single van driver on the whole of Dhramsitch is Mick Milliways, who outright refuses to pay homage to Vannigan, instead attempting to draw power from the natural essence of his van. Since Dhramsitch's magic operates entirely on the power of the Pantheon, this is ineffective and Mick has been unsuccessful. Vannigan refuses to give any of his power to Mick due to this hubris, and as such, vans hold practically zero influence on the state of Dhramsitch.

The Infinitypedia

Notably, this universe has somehow produced a completed Infinitypedia, which can be accessed freely by the locals. Its vast resources are mainly used to create magical objects and manipulate technology, including granting each person with a common radio access to every single observable frequency in the Omniverse. The Infinitypedia was bestowed upon the world by the Chief Goddess and by extension the Pantheon for the benefit of Dhramsitch and its people.

On Dhramsitch, the Infinitypedia takes the form of a vast electronic billboard the size of a football field which is maintained and protected by a group of rangers. The vast majority of technical experience has been ripped from its vast stores of knowledge and contained in a thriving internet and on individual devices powered by "holy magic". Anyone who seeks new wisdom and unique aid may approach the Infinitypedia proper, and the rangers will do their best to access the data. This can take anywhere from hours to weeks, due to the number of infinities contained in the information repository, but the rangers have scoured it for centuries, so they are skilled at navigating its secrets.

The exploration of the Infinitypedia has allowed for constant advancement in engineering, and in tandem with the blessings of the pantheon, has turned Dhramsitch into a great and powerful civilization.

The True Infinitypedia

The truth is that the Infinitypedia which the mortals of Dhramsitch have access to is not, in fact, a complete Infinitypedia. There is a complete Infinitypedia on Dhramsitch, but the Chief Goddess is the only one who has it. Her Infinitypedia is a simple book whose pages seem endless. In order to access any data, she must either look to the index in the back, flip pages from the front, or open to a random page in the middle. The secrets of the book have granted her unlimited access to the laws of reality on Dhramsitch, and she created the rest of the Pantheon as advisors. She is the only one among the Pantheon that knows this, however, and maintains the charade so that life on Dhramsitch can function as usual.

The Infinitypedia on Dhramsitch's mortal world is a projection that the Chief Goddess maintains carefully so as not to let the mortals of the world become comparable in power to her, for the stability of the universe. If the charade were broken or if the mortal Infinitypedia were somehow manipulated into seeing a different fraction of the True Infinitypedia, the Pantheon would be in grave danger, as would the fabric of reality tenuously surrounding Dhramsitch.