Dimensional manipulation

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Dimensional manipulation, or dimensology, is a field of study in which disciples attempt to do things like crossing over into other dimensions and modify the laws of physics to achieve faster than light travel, among other things. It blurs the line between magic and science as it is often initially discovered as a science, but the multiverse made accessible is bound together by magic.

List of topics dimensology covers

  • Mutable time travel (time travel into a timeline fork that's formed by time travel)
  • Immutable time travel (time travel into a closed timelike loop, harder to achieve than mutable time travel)
  • Timeline hopping (time travel between parallel timelines)
  • Faster than light travel
  • Artificial gravity
  • Dimension hopping (travel between parallel dimensions, often with differing laws of physics)
  • Forming entire universes
  • Travel to previously existing dreams
  • Forming non-Euclidian spaces with wormholes
  • Creating and destroying mass and energy
  • Altering the laws of physics (also known as magic)