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A dragon is a large, usually winged, serpentine or reptilian creature. Owing to the infinite possibilities of the Omniverse, there are an infinite number of types of dragons.


Some types of dragons are said to inhabit mountains. Other types of dragons are sea-faring creatures.

Physical characteristics

The physical characteristics of dragons vary greatly. Most, if not all, dragons are winged, and may have anywhere from zero to four or more legs. The skin of a dragon is usually either feathered or scaled, and can be of any variety of colors. The body shape of a dragon is usually lizard-like or serpentine, resembling a large snake.

Some dragons' hides are heavily resistant to ordinary weaponry; some dragons' hides are impervious to magical powers.

The blood of a dragon is often imbued with magical properties, which can make it either beneficial or harmful to consume.


Many dragons possess magical abilities. A common power often attributed to dragons is firebreathing. Other abilities often associated with dragons are the ability to control the weather or to grant wishes.


Dragons' intelligence levels range from non-sentience to highly intelligent.

In legend

Dragons are often revered or worshiped by humans as being avatars of might and magical power, but are often feared for the very same reasons. A common trope in fantasy stories involves a hero attempting to slay a dragon.

Dragons in the Omniverse

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Dragon-Inhabited Multiverse
  • These universes contain dragons.
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