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Earth is the third planet in the Sol system.

Earth and the Omniverse

There are an infinite number of universes in the Omniverse in which Earth has developed and sustained the conditions necessary for the development of organic life. Likewise, there are an infinite number of universes for which inorganic life developed on earth, and yet another infinite set of universe where no life developed whatsoever.

Universes in which Earth develops a vast concentration of Human life tend to be wider in scope and branching points than those where it does not, as history tends to cause vast differences in its many branching points.


Near-Earths are planets which substitute or emulate the location, structure, or role of Earth for a particular timeline or universe. This term derives from an unfortunately necessary Earth-centric view of the omniverse for the aid of outside observers, as in all fairness, the timelines/universes in which these planets reside either consider their "version" of Earth the correct one or have little to no knowledge of the "real" Earth to the point where it would be equally likely that they would use their planet as the baseline.

Nevertheless, Near-Earths are the most comprehensive term available for these planets. Depending upon the timeline, they may be colonies of that universe's Earth, terraformed to match the climate of the original planet, or completely separate planets which have that universe's indigenous human population. These places tend to be the center focus of stories set elsewhere in the omniverse, for the sake of variety while still grounding the setting in a familiar climate.

Note: A planet cannot be described as a Near-Earth unless it has at least two of the following qualities:

  • A climate and weather patterns similar to that of the Earth of Real Life
  • Flora and fauna similar to that of the Earth of Real Life
  • A notable human population
  • History similar to that of the Real Life Earth
  • Technology similar to that found on the Real Life Earth
  • Geography parallel to that of the Real Life Earth

Real Life

The vast majority of stories set in Real Life tend to take place on Earth as it is the only known planet with sapient beings at the moment.

The Earths of the Omniverse

Several universes contain their own distinct version of the planet Earth.

UniverseSpecial propertiesNotable locations
Real Life
  • This is the universe where all of Infinitypedia's authors reside.
  • Sun (star)
    • Earth (planet)
      • Moon (moon)
      • North America (continent)
      • South America (continent)
      • Europe (continent)
      • Africa (continent)
      • Asia (continent)
      • Australia (continent)
      • Antarctica (continent)