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An elemental is a lifeform primarily made up of a basic element such as water or fire. Elementals are usually created artifically, through magic or technology, but may occur naturally in some worlds.

Tabula Rasa

Elementals are a class of artificial monsters found on Tabula Rasa that are primarily formed from their corresponding element, and are designed to attack mobile living things on sight in order to force them to defend themselves. They were created by Team Blank in order to faciliate the generation of mana energy from multiple lifeforms, and are formed from the interaction of an element, some energy, and a certain type of mist.

There are four major types of elementals, although other types exist. Earth-type elementals most resemble zombies and are often formed from earthquakes and sandstorms. Water-type elementals are often translucent and are often formed from moving water, such as rivers or oceans. Wind-type elementals are formed from moving air, which is usually wind. Fire-type elementals are easily formed from any type of fire, as fire itself generates energy from the burning of fuel.