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The Fae are the firstborn race of the Creation Realm. It was said by the Great Beings that they originally made 4096 Fae (the Elder Fae), however, only 4000 of them were born on Origin, giving rise to the question of where the remaining 96 were. Every Fae was unique, some appearing as humanoids or great beasts. They were far more different from each other than Men, for example, who are all fairly similar in appearance and ability. All Fae, however, were able to take a humanoid form (if they did not already have one), and all possess magic in some degree, some much more than others.

Notable Individuals

Firstborn was the first being created on Origin, and was the King of the Fae. He was dearly loved by the Great Beings, who he was in regular contact with and was like in many ways. He had white skin and silver hair, and, unlike most other fae, potent telekinesis and the ability to create ex nihilo, which his descendants inherited to varying degrees.

Godspower was among the most powerful beings in the Creation Realm, surpassing even most Avatars in prowess.

Morning Star was the most beautiful of the Fae, and was a shapeshifter. He grew jealous of men when they received life and killed many of them before being defeated by Godspower and retreating to Craftstone.

Prophet was a seer that dreamed of the past, present, and future each night. He knew more about the Great Being than any other, as well as the far reaches of the universe. He predicted the rebellion of Morning Star before the fact, but was not believed.

Godsfriend was the personal friend of Kelev the Maker, and he showed him many things that few others have seen.

The being known only as the Red Bull was a cave-dweller who was naturally in the form of a young red bull, but being a shapeshifter, sometimes took the shape of a man. He arose from his lair at night, especially in stormy weather. He travelled to Craftstone shortly after his birth and continued to live there after the fall of Morning Star, who he violently opposed, and frequently attacked those aligned with him, while protecting those assailed by him.