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A Hunter-Killer is an advanced war android created specifically for the purpose of exterminating voldernauts.


Hunter-Killers are humanoid in shape, but have no face. They have two modes of transport, aerial and ground. When in aerial mode, Hunter-Killers fly with the use of wings protruding from the back. When in ground mode, they move using their legs. Hunter-Killers do not respond to verbal commands and are programmed only to destroy voldernauts. Hunter-Killers have no hands; their weapons are extensions of their arms. Hunter-Killers have no distinct markings and are indistinguishable from each other


Hunter-Killer Prototype

The first Hunter-Killers were developed by the people of Arduron 9, a planet under attack by voldernaut forces. Near the end of the war, when the free population of the planet was reduced to an underground resistance movement, scientists captured a voldernaut and examined it to figure out what its weaknesses were and what the most effective way to combat them was. This last-ditch effort to fight back against the invasion proved unsuccessful and the prototype Hunter-Killers, which lacked psionic disruptor technology, were eventually eliminated by the voldernauts. In the end, Arduron 9 fell to the voldernaut horde.

These Hunter-Killers were humanoid like the current version but had tank treads in place of legs, did not possess wings, and had missle launchers instead of laser cannons.

Hunter-Killer Mk. II

A handful of the scientists who developed the Hunter-Killer fled the dying world and continued to improve upon the original design. The tank treads were replaced with legs and they were given wings to fight voldernauts in the air and space. These improvements made the Hunter-Killer a more formidable fighter, but still largely ineffective against an invading voldernaut force.

Hunter-Killer Mk. III

This iteration of the Hunter-Killer was the first to feature psionic disruptors, which could disrupt a voldernaut's link with the Voldernaut Armada. This represented the turn-around in the fights between Hunter-Killers and voldernauts. A single Hunter-Killer could now fight multiple voldernauts more easily. Nonetheless, these Hunter-Killers were only effective in the early stages of a planet invasion. An entire city's worth of voldernauts proved more than a match for them.

Hunter-Killer Mk. IV

These were the first Hunter-Killers to be outfitted with a handheld universe transportation system, so they can fight voldernauts all across the Omniverse. This was made possible because a multiversal organization took up the cause of financing and constructing Hunter-Killers. Aside from this improvement, they are the same as the Mk. III line.

Hunter-Killer Mk. V

These Hunter-Killers are outfitted with self-destruct devices, which they can use during the final stages of a planetary conflict. Multiple Hunter-Killers positioned on a dying world can wipe out all living beings on the planet by self-destruction. This is a last-resort measure, as Hunter-Killers are costly to produce. This is the current iteration of the Hunter-Killer.


Hunter-Killers are armed with standard-fare machine guns and laser blasters. However, they are also uniquely equipped to disrupt the voldernauts' collective consciousness using a psionic disruptor. A single Hunter-Killer wielding this capability can dispatch a troop of voldernauts with ease.

Hunter-Killers also possess a self-destruct routine which is to be used only as a last resort, if an entire world has succumbed to a voldernaut invasion.

Behind the Scenes

Hunter-Killer was a MediaWiki bot developed by malacoda to block spambots, revert spambot edits, and delete spambot pages. As the spambots were the inspiration for the voldernauts, so the MediaWiki bot was the inspiration for Hunter-Killers.