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The Infinitypedia is an item which is found in an infinite number of universes in various forms. It is a record of all knowledge that there is to know in every corner of the Omniverse, and is often maintained by a dedicated team of editors who contribute knowledge and seek out new information.

Contents of the Infinitypedia

The Infinitypedia contains all knowledge from every single universe in the Omniverse. If it is possible to know, then it is in the Infinitypedia.

Universal Contents

The Infinitypedia has lists of all inhabitants of all universes. If it has ever existed, if it exists at the moment, or if it will exist at some point in the future, it can be found in the Infinitypedia. This includes complete and incredibly detailed biographies of every lifeform, at every timescale, as well as historical accounts for every civilization in the Omniverse.

This also includes the location of each Universe for the purposes of travel, and the directions from the point where the reader is standing. In this way, the Infinitypedia is an Omniversal Positioning Device.

Technological Advancement

The Infinitypedia contains detailed instructions for any device imaginable. It can lay out exact scale blueprints for anything from the lowliest wooden club to the most advanced computer system ever devised.

Magical Instruction

The Infinitypedia not only has a list of the physical laws for each universe, but specific instructions on how to bend and break those laws to suit the needs of the user. Physical laws become putty in the face of the precise application of the rules implemented in the Infinitypedia.

The Impossible

What would typically be considered impossible obstacles for everyday people become simple questions with a simple solution. The Infinitypedia has an answer to everything, including "Is there a creator?", "How can I become immortal?", and "Through what means can I ensure that the food I place in the microwave is as thoroughly cooked on the inside as it is on the outside?"

The Infinitypedia Project

The nature of the Infinitypedia changes wildly between the universes in which an Infinitypedia exists. In some cases, as in Real Life, the Infinitypedia is a friendly collaborative project with no real danger associated with its creation. In others, however, the creation and completion of an Infinitypedia is a grave undertaking and a matter of utmost importance. The complete and total knowledge of all things in all universes can be used for great good or great evil if placed in the right/wrong hands.

Military Intelligence

Some universes weaponize the Infinitypedia, intending to use its scope of knowledge to ensure that they are protected from outside forces. Timelines which properly implement defenses noted in an Infinitypedia can effectively shield themselves from all outside attacks, as the Infinitypedia will note how to create impossible defenses and impassible walls. An Infinitypedia used for an assault or other offensive maneuver in time of war can essentially write a military strategy for the victor, and chart them through a timeline where their dominance is assured.

An Infinitypedia is not the only thing that can be used for multiversal warfare but it is surely one of the most useful assets. As it contains the sum of all multiverses and all universes within them, the Infinitypedia is the most comprehensive map available for multiversal travel. It can also be used to pinpoint weaknesses in an enemy timeline or universe and, with sure leadership, could lead to the destruction of multiple multiverses.

Map of the Omniverse

Another common application of the Infinitypedia is as a server for mapping technology. With a complete and unhindered database of the local universe at any given moment, the database would not need to use multiple relays to gain information but a single connection between the Infinitypedia and a client. Multiversal travel would be aided by the fact that it contains every potential method and application of multiversal travel technology in a handy resource, as well as the results and potential danger of said application.

A major drawback of this application is that the obvious use of a universal map, exploration of new land, would be rendered pointless, as a document would already exist with the information that a traveler would be seeking: the Infinitypedia itself.

Sources of the Project

As previously stated, the reception of the project and the means of its creation are different in each universe. In some cases it is a deliberate undertaking by a government or military organization to create a computer system which can predict the movements or activities of adversarial forces, which is then expanded upon during peace time. Another common source of the project is an independent or privatized scientific endeavor, with the government either supporting or attempting to claim/sabotage the attempt.

One of the most interesting cases is when the project spontaneously develops from the circumstances of the universe itself; in other words, the project and the Infinitypedia simply "are" for that universe. These pre-made Infinitypedias are discovered by travelers who are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the information presented to them and proceed to go mad from the revelation. In the event that these individuals can survive the initial onslaught, and if they have the sense to read the pages surrounding the introduction of this technology to their particular universe, they can decide to enhance either the quality of life for their entire universe, or to gain untold power and wealth through the step by step instructions contained in their own personal knowledge repository.

Lone Infinitypedias

Through the properties of the Omniverse, there are an infinite number of universes in which the Infinitypedia in one form or another is the only thing in that universe. These are sometimes maintained by editors but can also exist in a fully completed form since the beginning of that universe. For those who do not have the time nor resources for the creation of an Infinitypedia but have already developed multiversal travel with some degree of success, these solitary Infinitypedias can be a prize well worth seeking.


Being a list of all universes associated with the multiverse defined by the following property:

  • A copy of the Infinitypedia exists in this universe
UniverseSpecial propertiesNotable locations
Real Life

The Infinitypedia of this universe documents a series of fiction shared universes and the mechanics of these universes on a MediaWiki installation. As this is the only "true" copy of the Infinitypedia, any changes to this copy will invariably affect the universes listed.

Completed Infinitypedia

In an infinite number of universes, the Infinitypedia is 100% complete and contains the entire spectrum of knowledge that there is to know about the Omniverse. This is achieved by making the record itself self-aware and using time travel to extrapolate all potential universes. The storage of this massive archive of data is handled in various ways, from planets filled with print records or a microdatabase permanently inscribed with the information.

  • Location of the finished Infinitypedia

In the pursuit of infinite knowledge, some methods are less savory than others.

  • A shady character named Pyeus Magnatt on the planet Trodein has taken it upon himself to create an Infinitypedia
  • Magnatt has created a horde of Voldernaut drones to collect the information contained within all living beings, then convert them to biological computers dedicated to the task of extrapolating the information for all potential universes
  • In this manner, the creation of the Infinitypedia is completed through the Voldernaut swarm
  • Trodein
  • Pyeus Magnatt's central server
  • Earth, a potential target of the ever-encroaching swarm

Dhramsitch's Chief Goddess owns a completed Infinitypedia in the form of a book with infinite pages. She projects a portion of the Infinitypedia to the mortals of Dhramsitch, which they believe is the complete Infinitypedia.

  • The "Infinitypedia" of the Low Roads
  • The High Ways, and the secret location of the True Infinitypedia