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A view of Inversion's night sky.

Inversion, also called Inside-Out World by some explorers and Yorelonli by some of its inhabitants, is a planet orbiting a bright star in a universe connected to several other universes. Inversion does not have any moons, and it is the only planet orbiting its star. It is located in a region densely populated with old and young stars.

As according to its namesake, Inversion has been described by explorers from other universes and planets as "inverted" in many aspects. Because the daytime sun is extremely bright and hot, and large monsters come out during the daytime, most people live in underground shelters and have adapted to being nocturnal, sleeping during the day and waking during the night. As the night sky is densely dotted with many bright stars, the surface is illuminated clearly enough for most humanoids to discern objects dimly.

Whereas most terrestrial planets are made up of continents on larger bodies of water, Inversion is made up of seas dotting what is primarily land; the surface is occupied by 70% land and 30% sea. Due to the lower amount of water and intense sunlight compared to other terrestrial planets, there are some large desert regions, although a majority of land is forested, particularly around the seas. The only locations where it snows are near the polar caps.

People are overall distrustful towards strangers, and theft from foreigners is outright accepted.