Jackson Gyll

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Jackson Gyll
BornGCC 34/7/1132 (approx 4266 AD)
AgeEquivalent to around 45 human years
OccupationPirate captain, smuggler, gambler
WeaponsGas-charge flintlock pistols, superheated cutlass
LooksHumanoid with a short torso and long legs. Amphibious breathing slits along sides of neck and shoulders. Short but sharp teeth.
Hair Style and ColorLong, pitch-black dreads with tips of tentacles poking out the ends.
Eye ColorBurnt umber where the whites would be, yellow irises.
Skin ColorA mottled brown with flecks of green.

Jackson Gyll is a Torgalvian space pirate who travels the stars for profit in all types of dealings. He is the captain of the Damned Thunder, a starship of ill repute.

Appearance and Personality

Jackson Gyll is a Torgalvian, an aquatic bipedal species from the planet Torgalv approximately 200 light-years from the Sol system. Torgalvians have two sets of vents used for filtering vital nutrients from the air; their neck vents filter oxygen, and their shoulder vents filter nitrogen if it is scarce. Their mouths are lined with small but serrated teeth which protrude as a part of their jaw bones. The tentacles which extend from the back of their heads are a combination of sensory organs and simple prehensile limbs, but can only be fully utilized underwater. Long, coarse hair also grows to distract unsuspecting prey, but is now typically wrapped around the tentacles like dreadlocks.

Gyll is of average height for his species, which is to say towering over most humans. His skin is mostly a dirt-brown shade with occasional patches of green, notably around his vents. His eyes detect slightly lower ranges of light than human eyes do, and tend to be overwhelmed by bright or high-frequency light. He often wears a pair of goggles when operating on the surface of a planet.

Gyll is generally a gruff person prior to getting enough ale in his system. He is a skilled liar and uses this to his advantage when he needs to intimidate information (or coin) out of someone. Those he cannot intimidate, he is willing to bribe, often with a job on his ship. Despite this, he is slow to genuinely anger, patient in most dealings and hard to tire out. He tends to avoid courtesies when the point of the matter is obvious, and is ruthless in his pursuit of wealth and information. He is, as his subordinates tend to refer to him, "a well-trained predator".

His allegiances are tenuous at best, but he does hold his crew in high regard; he is loath to betray them and quick to betray those who would do them ill. Gyll only holds this under the circumstances that his crew repay him in kind with their loyalty and allegiance. Any reason to believe that this oath has been violated and he would be quick to keelhaul any sign of insubordination.

Moreover, Gyll is interminably secretive. He lies constantly about his past with little care if the lies fit together. His name itself is said to be a false one, and his records appear to be expunged at nearly every port of call.

The Damned Thunder

The Damned Thunder is a starliner with specializations in cargo delivery and passenger amenities. She contains living quarters for up to thirty individuals and cargo space suitable for around 10,000 tons of bulky goods. The Thunder comes with a well-stocked kitchen staffed by the head chef/bartender and his assistant (who also does most of the clerical work). These amenities are used to pass her off as a cruise liner on unsuspecting planets.

The Thunder's propulsion system is intended for use on sea, air, and in deep space. Over 20 nanoweave sails coat the masts on her upper deck, for wind propulsion in the sea and solar wind propulsion in space. She has an FTL drive which utilizes hyperdrive technology calibrated for two sets of beacons: the standard galactic set, and a smuggler's network on an encrypted storage unit. Any ship caught in possession of the smuggler's network would be imprisoned immediately and excommunicated from the Smuggler's Guild.

The Thunder got her name from one of the first raids that Gyll took her on. Upon heavily landing in the ocean some miles away from their target, the unsuspecting merchant vessel was recorded on the comms as exclaiming "The sky is cloudless! From whence comes that damned thunder?!". After being thrust into the briny deep, they learned that it was 38 degrees starboard.