Kalypsa Kapsyla

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Kalypsa Kapsyla
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Kalypsa Kapsyla
Full NameKalypsa Kapsyla
AbilitiesAbyssial Particle Manipulation, Polymorphic Capabilities, Heightened Regeneration
BornApril 15th, 1993*
Age32 (2)
RelationshipsDerxwna Kapsyla (Brother)
Threat LevelUnknown
HomeworldMonsekai (Instance where she was created)
HomelandResearch Station Cretya, Yitria Region (Instance where she was created)
Hair Style and ColorLong pink hair, going over ears and below shoulders
Eye ColorGreen
ClothingLong pair of jeans, a blue jacket that's usually unbuttoned, with their (usually black) undershirt exposed

Kalypsa Kapsyla is a wanderer of the Omniverse. While she has a functioning home back in The Abyss with her brother, Derxwna Kapsyla, and his co-worker, R.K., she prefers to travel among the Omniverse to see what all there is to existence. She will occasionally get involved in the affairs of others if it interests her or it concerns someone she knows, but most of the time she remains to herself and her own devices. Though both she and Derxwna claim they are twin siblings, and that she is the younger of the two, the truth of the matter is that Kalypsa is a clone of Derxwna and was made to study the Omniverse for her creator. One of the unique traits about Kalypsa is that she is a polymorph, as a result of having 1/16th the DNA of a Ditto, which grants her the ability to modify her appearance however she wants, almost whenever she wants.

An Unnamed Existence

Life as an Experiment

In the region of Yitria, located in an Omniversal Segment that contained the planet Monsekai, a group of scientists began work on a project that was dubbed Project Voidwalker. The ultimate goal of this project would be a perfect replica of a Voidwalker that was captured (and later escaped captivity) by the team of Research Station Cretya, and utilize them as a way to study the Omniverse. Several attempts were made before the eventual success, which gave birth to the lifeform dubbed "Experiment D2". Experiment D2, when born, looked like an exact replica of the Voidwalker that was captured much earlier.

During this phase of the experiment's life, D2 was a rather emotionless existence, if a bit snarky and sarcastic as time went on, and it was put through rather rigorous mental testing to see how much it knew, and what it was capable of. It was created to be inquisitive and curious, which it showed off very often by asking questions and making observations almost constantly. Over time, D2 came to be an honorary member of the research facility, despite still being tested. Eventually, D2 would learn more about the circumstances of their creation, that they were a clone, and their progenitor had destroyed the previous facility after escaping. They also learned more about Project Voidwalker, its goals, and then realized the point of all the tests up until that point. D2 wasn't quite sure how to handle the new information they received, and spent weeks ruminating on it.

As D2 continued to ponder on the knowledge, tests continued on as they had. However, unbeknownst to the team of Research Station Cretya, D2 was practicing stuff of their own volition. As time progressed, they were recalling more memories, memories they now knew to be from their progenitor. Utilizing this knowledge they now had, as well as the way they were made to be hyper-aware of their surroundings, D2 was able to pick up how to find and manipulate Abyssial Particles with ease. When the research team would leave for the day, D2 would spend their alone time practicing with the particles and, calling upon the memories of their progenitor further, they learned how to open gateways.

Eventually, D2 had managed to come to a decision: now that they knew of the existence of the Omniverse, as well as having the ability to open Abyssial Gateways, they realized that they didn't want to be confined to the facility and be used as a tool to research the Omniverse from a far; no, they wanted to be out there experiencing it for themselves. The day came when D2 had planned to leave, but before they left, they informed the head researcher of the facility, Elizabeth McDouglas, someone who they had more or less bonded with over the past few months, about their plans. Elizabeth had a hunch that this day would come, as she had been watching the recordings of the facility on occasion, and noticed D2 opening gateways similar to their progenitor did. Though Elizabeth ultimately had no objections, though was a bit upset all the same, she gave D2 come supplies before leaving; Food, a spare change of clothes, and a necklace with an amethyst gemstone attached to it. With their affairs squared away, D2 opened a gateway out of the facility and into... somewhere within the Omniverse.

The Empty Wanderer

Birth of Kalypsa

Omniversal Wanderings

Arrival in the ARKS

Eorzean Adventures

Return to Cretya