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Katagama is the Existential Archetype of Chaos, and believes that he should become the new Creator of All. He existed within The Abyss long before Derxwna Kapsyla and R.K. entered the realm, and was among one of the first beings to exist in all of creation, making him older than Time itself.

Katagama was the instigator of the Omniversal Destabilization Crisis, which saw The Abyss overloaded with a rapid influx of destroyed Omniversal segments, and shut down as a result. From this happening, he had hoped to escape back into The Source and take control of it by becoming the new Creator. To do this, he had his Archetypical Doppelgangers, which he referred to as "clones", activated in several universes to cause turmoil and unrest, usually through the means of Destabilization Catalysts, in hopes of having those segments sent back to the Abyss for repair and overloading it. Unfortunately, his plans came to a grinding halt when he was dragged back to the Abyss by R.K. for the last showdown, and had his abilities sealed with Seronous Sigillanda.

Katagama Clones

A Katagama Clone is the term Katagama gave to his personal Archetypical Doppelgangers, which he utilized in his goals to conquer the Omniverse and control The Source. Being derivatives of Katagama himself, and like all Archetypical Doppelgangers, while they are free to act independently, they still hold some of the abilities or personality that Katagama himself has. Not all recorded Doppelgangers were in agreement with Katagama's plans, and live out their life in secrecy, attempting to slip out of Katagama's gaze.

Noteable Clones of Katagama

  • Kamata
  • The Kaltra Brothers, Friros and Daemus
  • Kaotiny
  • Kaokusu