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Laspiras is a highly technological, corporate-dominated planet. It has an ecumenopolis with an estimated population of 728 billion, and is rather significant in its sphere of influence within its universe, particularly in manufacturing. It is the first known human civilization to have developed faster-than-light travel.

Being an ecumenopolis, the entire surface of the planet is covered in multi-leveled cityscape. All of the former oceans of the planet were drained, and the water filtered and placed into countless gigantic, underground tanks across the planet. Because of the lack of space for anything other than industrialization, industrial products are exported to colonies on other planets in exchange for agricultural products.

Many above-ground regions of the city are covered in large, block-shaped buildings of regular height and spacing, broken only by large streets dividing them and specialized skyscrapers poking out of them. The other regions are entirely filled with skyscrapers. The entire surface of the planet looks artificial. Many flying cars are seen traveling across it, in airlanes above the buildings, or in freeways between the buildings. In the aboveground areas, it is very rare to walk across a surface to reach other places, unless the buildings happen to be directly adjacent, in which case they're connected by skyways, and flight is used to take people from place to place. Additionally, a commercial skyscraper may be a single structure, but they often serve multiple different purposes, sections being rented out by many different businesses. Skyscrapers are rarely owned by a single entity other than the government or the construction corporations.

There is a regular practice of often building over existing cityscape, either by making the buildings taller or literally paving over them and building new things. This has caused Laspiras to be a many-leveled city with extensive underground communities, and able to support its sprawling (and rapidly increasing) population by way of extensive three-dimensional space. The deeper, underground areas mostly contain old structures, but they are very often retrofitted to serve new business. Sometimes the structures are demolished to make for new structures, often for housing or factories, or the levels are reorganized. As the underground areas are underground, there is no sunlight in the lower levels. Artificial lighting of many colors are the norm, existing everywhere.

The underground areas often range from seedy to dangerous, however. Areas are frequently abandoned by the Laspiran government, and some are overtaken by criminal activity. The Laspiran government itself is highly corrupted, being primarily concerned with power and money rather than basic concepts of human rights, and officials in the government are easily bribed with large, regular sums of money. Criminal organizations who can continue contributing money to the government are allowed to continue their activities out of general public sight, and the extensive police force is often diverted away from them or otherwise left unable to deal with them.

In addition to being a place for small businesses, seedy enterprises such as entertainment of various forms (including brothels and red light districts) and taverns, and hubs of criminal activity, it also serves as the slums for a large percentage of Laspiras' poor population. These slums are highly dilapidated and look like cities of shantytowns. Scrap metal or other materials very often fall from above or elsewhere, and they are collected by the poor in order to form structures.

The government is controlled or otherwise highly influenced by significant manufacturing and utility corporations. The head of government, the Premier of Laspiras, is also the CEO of Yatsu, and Yatsu has had much control of the government for a long time. As Yatsu supplies many secret agents for the government, it is often popularly seen as a secret police force, rather than an energy company, although its primary motivation for doing these is money and power. Additionally, Yatsu contributes to a significant amount of Laspiras' military. In fact, the Laspiran government itself is actually rather like a business; it controls Laspiras with the goal of making money.

The police force of Laspiras are mostly the only source of lawmaking and enforcing. They are employed by the Laspiran government merely to "enforce peace" and "preserve stability and industrial production". As the police force is mostly made up of volunteers unaffiliated with business and there isn't a strong regulation of the police force, there has been a general thought that they should protect human rights of some sort, but there are also many crooked cops. However, even though they are able to and have stopped much crime, it has been mostly at the surface world and the upper levels, and they do not really have all that much power. The government and the more powerful corporations are above the police force's laws, and much crime happens without the police noticing.

As urban sprawl has overtaken all of the planet and human greed sought to wrestle every single land resource from the environment, and they successfully did so, with the result that things like the vast oceans have been intentionally ruined, Laspiras is environmentally terrible. The atmosphere is polluted by smoke, and the sky has turned brownish orange because of this. It looks dark even during daytime because the sunlight is partially blocked out, but extensive light pollution at nighttime makes it not look much different from daytime. If a plot of aboveground space was used and soil placed, plants would grow poorly. Thunderstorms often occur, and rain that pours down is acidic. It is joked by some that human influence has de-terraformed Laspiras into a planet that rates as human-inhabitable, but non-human-sustainable.


The people of Laspiras are generally diverse, with many different human races and human-like species, and a significant proportion of cyborgs. Much are middle-class, employed by one of the corporations, often as a factory worker, but some make a living with other, much smaller businesses in the underground. Many others are poor and live in the slums.


Electricity is generally free, as the energy companies (mostly Yatsu) derive their revenues from industrial uses of the energy, as the industrial sector uses a lot of it. Because of this, people in the slums are able to get electricity, although unofficially.

Internet is not free, however, and as a single corporation controls all of it across the planet, there are frequent bandwidth and uptime issues.