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An average day in #Letohhalb

#Letohhalb was an active chat community that for a number of years, and has undergone several movements in the past decade. In its prime, it was one of the primary chats for the group of friends that originated back on the old #glitchcity IRC Channel. At present, there is no active, dedicated channel for the community anymore.


  • Keep the air in the chat light. Whoever breaks this (with like, political shit) gets a warning from either co-owners Derxwna or Maralis. If they continue, they will be kicked. We're judging this by a case-by-case basis, and if you have a problem, please take it to PM with whoever you're arguing with or the co-owners, but please ask permission first.
  • Unofficial rule? But please refrain from actual PDA (Public Displays of [romantic] Affection) within the chat. It may bother some people. General flirting between everyone is fine but otherwise please take it to PM.
  • On the topic of flirting, please refrain from going overboard. It's all in good fun until people start getting bothered and leaving because of it. Try to keep it subdued during the heavy active hours. After hours is open game.
  • No sadism in the lobby.
  • General rule of thumb, don't go inviting people to the channel without asking permission first, or informing others beforehand. The channel is semi-private for a reason.

Common Topics of Discussion

The chat has several users with varying interests, sometimes harmonizing with other peoples interests. Some of the more common discussion topics are:

  • Touhou
  • Magic the Gathering
  • Pokemon
  • Command & Conquer
  • General Anime
  • General Video Game
  • Incomplete list, feel free to continue

Active User List

This is a list of the users of #letohhalb back when it was alive.

Username Alternate Username(s) Allowed Nicknames Pronouns Active Locations
Agastya -- -- he/him/his Discord
blahpy -- -- -- IRC
Densha -- -- she/her/her Discord
Derxwna DerxwnaKapsyla Derx he/him/his IRC, Discord, Telegram
Ditto -- -- -- Discord
Divisio -- -- they/them/their Discord, Telegram
Drunk_Aya -- Daya -- Discord
Eli-chan -- Aki she/her/her Discord
Eopia -- -- they/them/their Discord
Fusxfaranto -- Fusx he/him/his IRC, Discord
GlitchyCat -- Kitty they/them/their Discord, Telegram
Ichor Ichorheart -- he/him/his Discord
Kuschelyagi malacoda, Adrian Malacoda, Abwayax abb, mal, Kuschel he/him/his
Maralis -- Mara, Alis she/her/her IRC, Discord
mattpalladium elementnumber46 Matt ne/nem/nir, they/them/their Telegram
Mimic Mimi-Chan -- she/her/her
misterwalrus -- walrus he/him/his --
mle mlethegeek Emily she/her/her Telegram
Naomikon Trashpile Princess Naomi she/her/her Discord
Nitrolad -- Nitro he/him/his
Phrawger Phrawger Phrawger he/him/his Telegram, Discord
Shannon (Honestly I've Lost Track) --- she/her/her Discord
scymrian -- Darrin he/him/his Telegram, Discord
Seri -- -- -- Discord
Stuffman -- -- he/him/his Discord
T-A-C -- -- he/him/his Discord
Terathiel Terathielle Tera she/her/her IRC, Discord, Telegram
Twenty-Seven XVIII Twe she/her/her, they/them/their Telegram Discord
Zei-Hime Zei Zei he/him/his, she/her/her IRC, Discord


Bots are allowed in the channel by permission of Maralis or Derxwna, and only one bot resides in there currently.

  • fivequestionmarks is a bot made by Maralis, hosted by Derxwna, and has been the official channel bot for over 7 years. It has numerous scripts for users to utilize. A documentation of each script, and what it does, can be found at this link. It is mostly up to date, and is being revised every so often when a new command has been added.