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This is an incomplete list of universes within the Omniverse. As universes tend to cluster together, especially when they're similar or they share a timeline, this page is grouped by coasters.

Note that universes are often nameless, and in many universes faster-than-light travel is undiscovered, so they are often named after a location in that universe. In other cases, they're named as the origin of an object or a character.

Dimensional Peregrination multiverse

This multiversal cluster has been found to have the meisasphere extended across all the universes listed here, i.e. they have magic.

UniverseSpecial propertiesNotable locations
  • The universe is dominated by a single, infinitely large planet.
  • Gravity is fixed and unidirectional all across the universe.
  • As such, a flat earth theory describes this better than anything else.
  • Liliaplatias (planet)
    • Maislina (continent)
      • Kakailia (state)
      • Yalaha (state)
      • Fairalia (state)
      • Megumi (state)
  • This universe is connected to many other universes in this cluster, and acts as a nexus.
  • Therefore, most interdimensional travelers pass through this universe before reaching their destination.
  • Helios (star)
    • Gaia (planet)
      • Valle (state)
        • Unknown Falls (settlement)
        • Nightland (settlement)
        • Meirika Holnaras (settlement)
  • Narikiri (star)
    • Laralis (planet)
      • Kanni (moon)
      • Shira (moon)

Isolated universes

These universes have not been found to easily group with any other universes. In other words, all isolated universes lack a multiverse, either because their physical laws make them unable to connect to other universes (in the case of Real Life) or due to chance. Since no one in these universes can access other universes, beings in these universes are unaware of the Omniverse or have a wrong perception of it. However some beings, such as the users of this site, are aware of the Omniverse and its true nature.

UniverseSpecial propertiesNotable locations
Real Life
  • This is the universe where all of Infinitypedia's authors reside.
  • No work of fiction is set in this universe.
  • Sun (star)
    • Earth (planet)
      • Moon (moon)
      • North America (continent)
      • South America (continent)
      • Europe (continent)
      • Africa (continent)
      • Asia (continent)
      • Australia (continent)
      • Antarctica (continent)
  • Home of the Truck Clerics.
  • The Low Roads
  • The High Ways
  • The five-way junction where Mick Milliways is parked

Eternal Weather multiverse

This multiverse is both a physical and logical multiverse. These universes are connected and share the trait of having only one planet that is eternally covered by a certain type of weather, but it also includes universes stuck in an eternal time of day. Each universe in this multiverse contains a Valer, a human created by the god of their respective universe to understand the universe they reside in.

UniverseSpecial propertiesNotable locations
Eternal Weather Core
  • This universe lies at the center of this multiverse.
  • This universe contains the god of the Eternal Weather multiverse.
  • Eternal Weather Core (multiversal core)
  • This universe only contains one planet.
  • This planet is eternally covered by storms coming from a pocket universe.
  • This universe is eternally bathed in light from the Star of the Gods.
  • This star was designed by the god of Diem.
  • The star is designed to never run out of hydrogen.
  • Star of the gods (star)
  • This universe once again only contains one planet.
  • This planet is kept in eternal night due to shadow creatures.
  • These shadow creatures come from a pocket universe that resembles a dark forest.
  • Arctros (planet)
    • Forest of Eternal Shadow (pocket universe)