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Michael "Mick" Milliways, or the Druid of the Van, is a not-so-powerful spellcaster on Dhramsitch. He is one of the Manifold Druids.

This page is about a topic that is located in the Dhramsitch universe.


Born with the knowledge that he was a Druid, Mick was raised in a lavish home as the child of a Truck Cleric and one of the Busbound Healers. They wanted for nothing, but were perplexed by the fact that Mick wanted nothing to do with either profession or the Pantheon. Instead, Mick constantly harped about the fact that he was "Dhramsitch's Druid" and that he needed to get a van.

On his sixteenth birthday, his parents presented him with a book of scripture and the keys to a new, plain white van. Thanking them both, he hopped into the van and drove away from his childhood home. The power within the Van surged through him, and he realized that his potential as a Druid was finally being unlocked. At this point, he declared his independence from the Pantheon, hurled the book of scripture out the passenger window, and floored it.

Due to the fact that all vehicles and technology on Dhramsitch are powered by the holy magic of the Pantheon, the van went for a few miles before sputtering and dying as its tank was emptied. He parked it at a five-way junction and it has been sitting there ever since.


Druidic Knowledge

As one of the Manifold Druids, Mick is innately aware of several facts about the Omniverse and his place in it.

  • Mick is aware at all times that he is a Druid, and that he is specifically the Druid of the Van.
  • Mick is aware that his universe (Dhramsitch) is one of many both in the Multiverse and in the Omniverse.
  • If Mick were to be in the presence of any other of the Manifold Druids, he would know instantly who the Druid was and what their focus was.

Druidic Focus

As the Druid of the Van, Mick is afforded many skills provided that he remains in the general vicinity of a Van. Unfortunately, due to Dhramsitch's nature and the fact that all magic on the mortal Low Roads is strictly empowered by the holy might of the Pantheon, Mick's powers are severely limited unless he were to ever acknowledge the authority of Vannigan of the Four Doors.

The powers that Mick has regardless of Vannigan's indignation:

  • In his sleep, Mick is able to seek conference with other members of the Manifold Druids.
  • So long as he stays within fifty feet of a van, Mick does not require food or water. If he moves further from the Van, his needs become the same as an average person.

The powers that Mick would have if the Pantheon's influence were not limiting him:

  • Mick would be able to control his van completely as long as it remained within fifty feet of him. This includes forward and backward motion, turning, the position of all parts in the van's mechanics, the state of the van's doors, and the expulsion of all contents within the van.
  • Mick would be able to cling to the van from any side and not fall off, no matter what speed the van was going.
  • Mick would be able to use the van to travel to any multiverse that contains a Manifold Druid.
  • With enough time and focus, Mick would be able to create a van from nothingness.
  • Mick would be able to prevent any van within fifty feet of him from being altered in any way, either by physical or magical means.