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"No" is the most useful word in the English language.

Genesis of No

No evolved from related words in English's early history, having come from Old English na and earlier, Proto-Germanic ne.

Usage of No

No is the standard response for rejecting other people's actions and denying questions and requests asked of you. It can be used when you are simply fed up or otherwise highly dissatisfied with the situation.

"No" is the standard answer for the following:

  • When you lose something dear to you
  • When someone asks you if you have a light but you lack one
  • Someone wants to take something of yours but you do not want them to
  • When you do not want people to ask you for stuff
  • A pet sharpening its claws by ruining your furniture
  • Unwanted romantic and sexual advances
  • Anything romantic
  • A n00b wants to know how to type the word "hello"
  • Someone keeps speaking in tongues that neither you nor them understand
  • When someone random asks you which color of sucker you want


People who oppose No believe that society should be more open. They believe that if you don't have a "yes" answer, you shouldn't have an answer at all. But these people are few and far in between, like Mac users.

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