Omniverse Destabilization Crisis

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The Omniverse Destabilization Crisis, sometimes referred simply as the Destabilization Crisis, was a situation that took place across the Omniverse which crashed The Abyss and destabilized several Omniversal Segments. Katagama, the instigator of the incident, was intending to destabilize as many segments as he could in order to crash The Abyss, and in the process take advantage of the Abyss Repair Protocol, which would allow him to assume control of The Source and replace The Creator as the maintainer of the Omniverse.

While Katagama himself was the main antagonist of the Crisis, it was his Archetypical Doppelgangers, entities that he called clones, that did the brunt of the work. These "clones" were activated in several Segments, and from there would sow the seeds of chaos and disorder through whatever means possible to create a Destabilization Catalyst, an object of unparalleled Abyssial Energy that could completely destabilize whatever Omniversal Segment it happens to be in. These catalysts were obtained and disposed of by both R.K. and Derxwna Kapsyla. Ultimately, Katagama was defeated by R.K. before he could escape into the source, and through utilizing the power of the Seron Crystal, he was defeated and his powers sealed away.