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Based off a couple of suggestions, Mugendai has started a new MediaWiki installation for Infinitypedia, essentially starting over from a clean slate. This may be necessary for rebooting Infinitypedia, also because the last wiki was absolutely swamped in voldernaut spam.

The "realities" system of Infinitypedia was perceived as awkward, and Reality 0 in particular had some major issues with internal consistency in its attempt to be a Mega Crossover. The most glaring issue is that much of fiction is either set on Earth, or heavily inspired by cultures on Earth. However in Reality 0, there could be only one Earth, and that Earth was based off of Earth in Real Life, but set about 400 years after our present. Furthermore, to justify the existence of a ridiculously large planet called Liliaplatias, humans were said to have evolved there rather than on Earth.

Therefore, the reboot of Infinitypedia/Infinitysphere involves a multiverse in which multiple universes are connected to each other, either directly or indirectly.

The secondary goal of Project Infinitypedia Reboot is to focus on quality over quantity, based on another suggestion. Extremely simply put, this means average page length is much more important than the number of articles, and character stubs and things like that should be merged into a single page.

Should you need to port over articles, a (possibly outdated) mirror of the old wiki is located here:

Temporary starting list of pages:

  • List of universes - for kicks
  • Multiverse - holds infinite universes
  • Omniverse - holds infinite multiverses
  • Abyss - the space between universes and multiverses
  • Timeline - like a parallel universe, but divergent based on events happening differently