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Real Life is a sociological construct designed to represent the shared existence of most humans. The vast majority of humans will agree that the equally vast majority of perception and experience is drawn from Real Life and the things which exist in that context. Most stories set in Real Life take place on Earth, as it is the only planet currently accepted in Real Life to have proof of... well... real life.

It is typically considered exceedingly boring.

Properties of Real Life's universe

The universe, Real Life, is considered to be an average size for an universe, which is still extremely large by human standards. The universe is estimated to contain hundreds of billions of galaxies, many of which aren't visible to humans on Earth, the only planet known to have life in this universe, due to the fact that light from the non-visible galaxies hasn't had time to reach it.


Listed here are lifeforms that exist in Real Life. These lifeforms will be listed in a hierarchical manner, from bottom to top.


Viroids are sub viral plant pathogens.





Protists are organisms, usually microorganisms, that aren't any of the other groups of lifeforms listed here.



Plants are immobile organisms that are able to use photosynthesis. They lack sentience and sapience and thus lack consciousness.


An animal is a broad term used to describe the entire animal kingdom except for humans. While most animals are sentient, none have reached human intelligence and lack sapience. Animals are mobile at some point in their life and must consume other organisms to sustain themselves.

Artificial Life

Although none of these exist yet, this universe allows the possibility for them to exist. Such artificial life could exist in the form of sentient computers, sentient robots, and synthetic life.


While technically animals, humans are special since they are currently the only sapient beings in this universe. They are the dominant species on Earth.

Real Life and the Omniverse

In the vast expanses of the Omniverse, Real Life is simply another universe in which human history has progressed to the point of modern day without incident, time travel is either impossible or at the very least unfeasible, and humans remain constantly cut off from the rest of the universe due to insufficient technology.

Did I mention the boring? Yeah? Because it is, relatively speaking, horribly dull.

Real Life is thankfully accompanied by a veritable multitude of offshoot and similar universes as is common for all universes in the Omniverse. Alternate timelines abound, commonalities between settings are available by the score, and near-Earths are just as infinite as anything else in the Omniverse. So if you really, REALLY must discover a universe, I'd suggest shooting for one of those instead of this one, as the boredom you experience upon discovering this one may dissuade you from further exploration.

Behind the Scenes

In truth, the editors of Infinitypedia are cruel to Real Life because they love it (it's where we keep all our stuff).