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The Reality Gateway Machine, or RGM for short, was a machine designed by Andrew Pozitski and the scientists of the Epsilon Facility, as a means of developing Interdimensional Travel, and was to be the crowning achievement of Project Planeswalker. The first time the device was used, five of the Epsilon Facility scientists were sent to a universe they located, beyond the dark space. Unfortunately, these scientists were never able to report back, and were presumed to have gone missing. After the first failure, the facility attempted to work out the kinks, and over time rumors of a second expedition were flying around. Before these rumors came to fruition, the machine was activated prematurely by a scientist who lost their significant other in the first attempt, and didn't want the incident to be repeated. As there were no 'coordinates' set (and knowledge about how to actually use the machine was still faulty), The machine sucked the entire Segment into a black hole of sorts, and the scientists, at the center, were sent to the Abyss as a result of it. When the scientists returned to their world, short of Andrew who had volunteered to stay behind in The Abyss, they temporarily abandoned all notions of continuing the project. That was, however, until World Travel Inc. took control of the facility, and their CEO, Beatrix Corrisa, resumed the project ocne more.

The working copy of the Reality Gateway Machine wouldn't come until Andrew, now going by the name Derxwna Kapsyla, had returned to Earth and was captured by World Travel Inc. guards patroling the Epsilon Facility. As repayment for his contract with Beatrix for funding Project Planeswalker, using his newfound knowledge of The Abyss and The Omniverse, he and the Epsilon Facility finished stable construction of the Reality Gateway Machine. Initially, it was unveiled to the public as a way of transporting individuals across large distances on their planet, but over time it would come to be known for allowing inhabitants to engage in travel throughout the cosmos, and later throughout the Omniverse as a whole.