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The form the Seron Crystal takes in The Omniverse Project, on the planet Val-Serona

The Seron Crystal is an Omniversal Constant, a construct that exists throughout the Omniverse in all instances, and is functionally impossible to remove from existence. The Seron Crystal was created by the Archetype of Time, Space, and Probabilities working together to assist The Creator in stabilizing their attempts at creating a universe full of life. As a result of the Seron Crystal being worked on by the Archetype of Probabilities, when the Seron Crystal was used, it scattered into an infinite number of fragments, and allowed the Omniverse to properly exist. It is believed that the Seron Crystal is the heart of a Universal Instance. The Crystal is composed of Abyssal Particles that were created during The Creator's attempts at creating the prototype Omniverse, when those repeated attempts broke back down into the Abyssial Particles of Space. It was through the Archetype of Time's and the Archetype of Probabilities' efforts that Particles of Time were created, and allowed the Seron Crystal to distribute itself throughout infinity.

Because the Seron Crystal is pure Particles of Time and Space, utilizing it is one of the keys ways to create a functioning Time Machine, one that is capable of Observational Time Travel and Interferential Time Travel. Like the name suggests, Observational Time Travel is when you can travel through time, but only to observe events and are unable to interact with them. Interferential Time Travel is quite the opposite, as a time machine built with Interferential Time Travel in mind will allow the travelers to interact with the time period they are in. This is a misconception, as it is impossible to change the events of the past without causing a paradox. Interferential Time Travel is actually a case of Universal Instance Hopping. As it is impossible to remove a Seron Crystal from a Universal Instance, if a Time Machine is built with the Seron Crystal in mind, it has to harness its power source, and lock onto its unique energy patterns, during both the present and the destination.

The Seron Crystal is also capable of bestowing certain abilities on individuals who immerse themselves in it. These abilities are known as the Seron Arts, and allow the user to manipulate particles of Space and Time in specific ways to turn them into combat stances. While Abyssial Particles can create void objects, through the use of the Seron Arts one can utilize them to create weaponized energy. During the Omniverse Destabilization Crisis, when Katagama had sent one of their Archetypical Doppelgangers to the planet of Val-Serona to occupy it, they learned from one of Seronda's Archetypical Doppelganger that the Seron Crystal would be their downfall, likely through the use of the Seron Arts. As a result Katagama's doppelgangers were to seek out the Seron Crystal in all instances and ensure nobody found it to learn the Seron Arts.

Seron Arts

Through enough training and immersion to the Seron Crystal, one can learn to channel the Crystal's unique properties to use the Seron Arts. Of note are the Monks of Seron, who protect the Seron Crystal on Val-Serona and are capable of unleashing its powers to the fullest.

Seron Art: Lifeforce Slash

The Lifeforce Slash is one of the basic abilities that can be attained through the Seron Crystal. The user utilizes Particles of Space to slash at their target from anywhere, without the use of a weapon. This skill requires clarity of mind to use, as it drains a person's own Particles of Space that compose their existence (aka, their lifeforce), and reckless use can leave them an ethereal being that will fade into nothingness. A basic skill it may be, but it is still dangerous to use.

The main user of this skill was the Archetype of Space, Tarota, as they could use it without repercussions.

Seron Art: Eternity Seal

The Eternity Seal is an advanced ability that only the most devoted have been able to learn, and even few master. This skill is capable of binding a target with solidified Particles of Time, that will cause the target to be unable to move or utilize their own abilities. Such a skill is risky to use, as it requires the user to say a chant beforehand that leaves them open to attack. Once the chant is finished, the chains will bind the target and leave them unable to do anything else. A target bound by the Eternity Seal is unable to break their chains, and the only way to break it is through the Unsealing Chant. This skill is only ever used in dire emergencies, such as when a target is too important, ot impossible, to kill.

The main user of this skill was the Archetype of Time, Seronda. This skill was used to seal Tarota away at the end of the Archetype War.

Locations Found

The Seron Crystal is a rare artifact, and a lot of people doubt its existence when they learn of it. It is, however, very much real, and several universal instances have managed to find it, as well potentially keeping it in their possession. Other times, it is impossible to obtain, or impossible to find. The following is a list of locations where the Seron Crystal is known to be.

  • Val-Serona: Within the Monks of Seron's temple in their capital city, this Seron Crystal is guarded by Seronda themselves.
  • Gensokyo: An instance of Gensokyo housed the Seron Crystal at the Shrine of the Wind after it was used to seal the realm off from the Outside World. It was later used again after the barrier was breached during the Puppet Invasion of the outside world to repair the damage done to it.
  • The Abyss: Though the Seron Crystal was indeed severed and scattered into Infinity, a fragment of it remained in The Abyss, undetected and completely devoid of its unique elements. This Seron Crystal is likely the antithesis to the ones throughout the Omniverse, as it is nothing but an empty husk.