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Seronda is one of the many Existential Archetypes that was birthed by The Creator. Like all of the Existential Archetypes, they resided in The Archetype Realm, later known as The Abyss. Before the concept of Time existed, Seronda was the Archetype of Passage, but before the events of the Archetype War, Seronda became the Archetype of Time when they figured out how to stabilize The Creator's attempts to create The Omniverse. By utilizing the Abyssial Particles leftover during the repetitive destruction of the failed attempts, and the broken down particles created from the, now decrepit, Archetype Realm, Seronda and his assistant at the time, the Archetype of Probability, was able to create the Seron Crystal, a crystal which contained "infinite potential". When presented to The Creator, The Omniverse was able to stabilize and flourish out into Infinity.

Seronda played a significant role in the Omniverse Destabilization Crisis, as Katagama had activated one of their Archetypical Doppelgangers in a Segment that Seronda had also had a doppelganger in as well. This instance of Seronda was head of a group of monks and priests that worshiped the Seron Crystal, the Followers of Seron, and he taught these followers about how to utilize the Seron Crystal's energy and manifest it physically; the Seron Arts. When R.K. visited this Segment to stop Katagama, Seronda taught R.K. the Seron Arts, and revealed that it was only through the Seron Arts that Katagama's plans could be put an end to.