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This is just for my own organization later;

Thanks to Schwer, I've re-conceptualized how organisms external to the Abyss get interacted with by the realm. Time does "flow" in the Abyss, but it's a "Reset Loop" sort of deal. In theory it's possible to "age" within the Abyss, and in theory it's possible to die in the Abyss, but you would have to get past the realm's backwards coding which resets all biological processes to how they were upon entry after a certain amount of time passes. The reason for this reset loop is because, when The Creator first attempted to make a realm of sustainable life, the Archetype Realm, this was the only way they could conceptualize "life". It was a very roundabout process, and ultimately The Creator's attempts to replicate it failed because they weren't sure how they pulled it off (Like a programmer who made something work but has no idea how).

If a biological entity enters the Abyss, they become affected by this weird reset loop, and it causes all their biological functions to return to their entry state. The process for this occurring is roughly two weeks. If a biological entity remains exposed to the reset loop for long enough, the functions of that individual become influenced by it, to the point where they continue to do it outside the Abyss for a extended period of time, depending on how long they were in The Abyss.