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Technology refers to the creation and implementation of tools and systems to solve problems. In the Omniverse, a quantified and unified scale for technology is impossible due to the various origins and designs of technology in the infinite number of universes. However, common trends occur in observed universes which are comprehensible, and these patterns and requirements can be expressed in relative terms to other types of technology.


Energy is a vital component of every single piece of technology in the omniverse. Whether it be physical, biological, chemical, thermal, magical, or otherwise, energy allows technology to perform tasks greater than that allowed by the sum of its parts. Technology in general is centered around the effective use of energy to perform tasks. The type of energy used in the operation of a piece of technology typically defines its nature, its task, its design, and its limits.

Energy Storage

In order to use energy efficiently, most civilizations create storage mechanisms to handily convert energy into a form which keeps it under control for a long period of time. An example of this is the common dry cell battery, which stores electrical energy in the form of chemical energy.

Energy Conversion

Another common application of technology with regards to energy is that of energy conversion, or changing the form of energy from one type to another. Electric generators such as those found in wind farms take kinetic energy and use it to create electrical energy. Light bulbs work in the opposite manner, taking electrical energy and converting it into heat and light.


Transportation within and between universes and timelines tends to be the most common technology found in civilizations which are aware of the Omniverse. These are also often the most energy expensive of all types of technology. Moving large quantities of mass between points in space and time via forces and acceleration takes an enormous amount of energy, so the most effective and useful versions of this technology are generally limited to those universes which develop highly advanced technology or magic.

Time travel is the first stage of omniversal transport after basic space movement, allowing crew and cargo to move throughout their universe and between different timelines. Direct time travel is typically developed first, with indirect serving as a gateway towards transport between universes. Inter-universal travel takes much more energy than simply traveling through the time stream, but proper fueling techniques and cooperation with common timelines can allow for speedy, unhindered travel throughout a local multiverse and beyond.