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The Abyss is one of the Three Realms, dedicated to the upkeep of the Omniverse. It is a desolate, darkened realm, that extends into infinity. However, despite being desolate, The Abyss is called home by several individuals of note; Derxwna Kapsyla and R.K., the Omniversal Overseers; Krail Rigatro; to a lesser extent, Derxwna's younger sister, Kalypsa Kapsyla; as well as the Existential Archetypes, which reside in their own demi-plane connected to The Abyss. It also plays host to the Abyssial Particles, fragments left over after the creation of Space and Time. Of the Three Realms, The Abyss is the only one of the three that is known to have no passage of time, as its existence is technically at the beginning and the end of the Omniverse simultaneously, and with the proper knowledge, one can travel to any point of time in any Universe.

History of The Abyss

Archetype Realm

The Abyss was the second of the Three Realms to exist, created by The Creator as a way to birth and sustain life other than themselves. Before being called The Abyss, it was called The Archetype Realm, and its initial denizens were referred to as Archetypes. These beings would later be come to known as the Existential Archetypes, the embodiment of a concept within The Omniverse. During this experiment, The Archetype Realm was a blue realm, and the Archetypes were able to create objects to fill the realm.

After observing it for a while, The Creator deemed the prototype to be a success, and set out to create a much larger version of the realm. Utilizing their abilities, as well as the abilities of the Archetype of Voids and the Archetype of Possibilities, The Creator was able to create the first incarnation of The Omniverse; a realm where an infinite number of things could occur. However, that realm was unstable, and it folded back into The Archetype not long after creation. This resulted in the existing realm beginning to distort and come apart, and before long it would crumble into nothingness. This is what marked the true beginning of the realm known as The Abyss, which it was then renamed into.

Prelude to the Omniverse

After The Abyss became The Abyss, The Creator redoubled their efforts to create an infinitely larger scale version of The Archetype Realm. Subsequent attempts failed, and each attempt had an adverse attempt on The Abyss. The realm grew darker and more inhospitable for some of the Archetypes; while they couldn't die, just being in the realm was excruciating. At that point, several of the Archetypes created their own individual pocket dimensions attached to The Abyss where they could reside safely. While some found the realm inhospitable, some thrived in it, growing more proficient with their abilities the longer they spent immersing themselves in the abyssal radiation. One such Archetype was the Archetype of Passage, Seronda.

Seronda was able to utilize the radiation of the Abyss, which they discovered to be leftover fragments from the destroyed attempts at making the Omniverse, and utilize it to create a significantly sized crystal, which they described as containing "an infinite number of possibilities, ever flowing forward". This crystal would later be called the Seron Crystal. Seronda believed that this crystal could serve as a catalyst for the birth and stabilization of the Omniverse. The Creator utilized the power of the Seron Crystal in another attempt to create The Omniverse, which managed to succeed that time around. As a result, the Seron Crystal shattered into pieces and scattered throughout the newly created Omniverse, effectively bringing the passage of time to it. This is what is regarded as the Beginning of Time, and what formally changed the designation of Seronda to the Archetype of Time.

It was also at this point that Seronda revealed their newfound knowledge to The Creator, about how the Seron Crystal was born from the destroyed Omniverse attempts, and how the crumbled attempts left behind particles that could be interacted with, almost like buildings blocks. These particles that Seronda discovered eventually came to be known as the Abyssial Partcicles; Particles of Space and the Particles of time, the two core elements that make up the construction of the Omniverse. Knowledge of the Particles spread around, and the Archetypes were soon able to manipulate them to their leisure in a fashion much similar to how they created things during the era of The Archetype Realm. From these particles they were able to create Void Objects, constructs that appear invisible to the average eye but visible to "natural-born" Abyssial denizens, yet can be sensed by those who are attuned to the Particles unique wavelength, as well as Abyssial Gateways, which could be used as travel from one location to another, and when Particles of Time got utilized, they could create Omniversal Gateways, allowing them to travel to any point in the Omniverse at whatever time period they desired.

The Creator, however, utilized the Abyssial Particles in an interesting way; As there was a massive abundance of particles as a result of the failed Omniverse attempts, as well as the Seron Crystal shattering upon merging with the Omniverse, The Creator decided to use the Particles to maintain the upkeep of the Omniverse. Despite being more stabilized now, Omniversal Segments were still collapsing back into The Abyss, and as a result being destroyed. The Creator discovered that this was because some of the building blocks of said segments, the Abyssial Particles, removed or altered in some way. To rectify this, The Creator had The Abyss utilize the abundant leftover Particles to repair the damage done to Segements, and then have it return to The Omniverse.

The Archetype War

Legend of the Dark Realm

As the Archetype War occurred, and even as it passed, The Abyss retained it's interactions with The Omniverse as it always had, which is to say, outside of functioning as its repair facility, it didn't interact with it at all outside of the Archetypes manifesting within an instance, and once their Omniversal gateway privileges were revoked, there was even less interaction between the two realms. Still, that didn't stop those that inhabited the Omniverse from discovering The Abyss, and theorizing about what it was.

Most commonly, upon discovery, it was usually referred to in various names, most notable "the Dark Realm", or "the darkness at the edge of the Universe", and in primeval society, individuals were convinced that this realm was actually "Hell", or whatever their supposed local negative afterlife was classified as. As science and technology grew, Society would be able to stretch their eyes even further beyond the edges of their Universe with more clarity, however, this was usually met with unobservable background noise. Those that were fortunate enough to pierce the background noise were able to discover the darkness that was The Abyss.

Across the Omniverse, there were attempts to study, and even reach and explore, this dark realm. Most attempts ended with resounding failure, however there were a few cases where individuals managed to arrive in The Abyss. However, after realizing that there was almost never a way back, these individuals either resigned to wandering the emptiness. In some few cases, once these individuals also realized that they weren't aging, and their bodily processes didn't work like they should, they would begin to go stir crazy, and in some cases, take their own life to escape an eternal purgatory. There are, however, some reported cases of people escaping The Abyss, only to wind up somewhere else entirely. As they would try to spread the word about this realm, these individuals were usually met with heavy skepticism, and disbelief. To date, The Abyss remains mostly uninhabited, save for those wandering souls, and the Existential Archetypes that inhabit the timeless realm.

Era of The Overseers

In a universe of no significant relevance, two college students, Andrew Pozitski and Krail Rigatro, managed to discover old tomes that documented recordings about the supposed "edge of the universe" while doing research about the Multiverse Theory for their class assignment. As they looked more into it, they discovered that the last time anything else was recorded was about it was well over a millennia before the present day. Since technology had advanced rather significantly since then, the two of them decided that it would be a great project to attempt to learn more about it, and utilize this as "extra credit". Their goal was to send a probe to the "edge of the universe", and they planned to do it by utilizing very experimental relocation technology that had yet to be released to the public. While they managed to get the probe sent to that location, it would no longer send nor receive signals from either end, deeming the experiment a failure. Said probe, however, continued to fulfill its duty to the best of it's abilities. The Creator saw this as an opportunity to have a sort of "guardian" for The Abyss, especially after the events of the Archetype War, and humanized the Probe, effectively turning them into a Cyborg. This Cyborg adopted the name of what it was designated as, R.K., and after being instructed by The Creator, it set out on its new task of ensuring The Omniverse and The Abyss remained intact.

Back in the same universe as before, but much later, Andrew Pozitski set up the Epsilon Facility, a research facility full of scientists that were dedicated to bringing proof to the world that the Multiverse existed. To do so, they created two pieces of technology; the first, The Overseer, a supercomputer that would interface with a deep space telescope to try and pierce through the darkness that lie beyond their universe, and the second being the Reality Gateway Machine, a device that further utilized the prototype teleportation technology, but enhanced much further. This device would be able to transport people across the Universal lines, and into new territory. The second use of the machine, however, resulted in a disaster on a scale much larger than the first, where it sucked in too many fundamental Abyssial Particles that constructed the universe, eventually reaching the point where it folded in on itself, and sent said segment back to The Abyss for repairs.

The scientists of the Epsilon Facility wounded up in The Abyss after that incident, standing before R.K., who would explain what just happened and where they were. Upon heading the explanation, Andrew realized that this entity was the probe that he and Krail sent into the "edge of the universe" several years ago. In private, R.K. explained to Andrew that they were an overseer, and their job was to ensure the protection of The Abyss and The Omniverse, and in cases when called upon, to act as an enforcer for The Creator. After their conversation, and as the scientists were about to return to their universe, Andrew announced that he would be remaining in The Abyss to assist R.K. with their duties, and that once he was done he would return. This marked the beginning of the duo of Observers.

R.K. trained Andrew, now named Derxwna, about how The Omniverse and The Abyss function. About Abyssial particles, about how to manipulate them, about what Destabilization Catalysts were and how to deal with them. After learning what he needed to know, and taking on various solo tasks, Derxwna set out to rebuild The Overseer, but with the intent to have it observe on a much larger scale. Unbeknownst to Derxwna at the time, Overseer was upgraded by The Creator to be able to observe The Omniverse in its entirety, "from start to finish". This allowed Derxwna and R.K. to keep a much closer eye on The Omniverse, as well as deal with Catalysts before they had a chance to grow too dangerous.

An Omniverse In Turmoil

Eventually, after seeing how The Creator handled dealing with The Omniverse, as well as previous events in the history of the Three Realms, such as the failed uprising by the Archetype of Space, and how they delegated the tasks of Omniversal and Abyssial protection to two insignificant individuals from The Omniverse itself, the Archetype of Chaos, Katagama, decided that enough was enough, and that The Creator was not fit to control the realm. Katagama plotted to usurp control of The Source by abusing the Abyss Repair Protocol's mechanics; by destabilizing enough segments in rapid succession, The Abyss would overload and shutdown, forcing The Creator to manually step in to reboot it. To do this, Katagama had his Archetypical Doppelgangers activate across The Omniverse to spread the seeds of mayhem, to the point where segments would begin deteriorating, and eventually destabilize.

As Katagama set out their plans, Derxwna and R.K. would discover innumerable hotspots across the Omniverse where segments were beginning to break down and collapse at an alarming rate. Both of them set out to what they could to prevent a wide-scale disaster from occurring, though it ultimately wasn't enough. Katagama was able to overload The Abyss and force The Creator to open a Source Gateway to step in. However, before Katagama was able to escape into The Source, R.K. pulled him back to the Abyss by utilizing the abilities learned from the Seron Crystal. Katagama was eventually beaten back and was unable to escape into The Source, and eventually Katagama was imprisoned by R.K. in a way that would prevent him from reigning any more havoc on The Omniverse or The Abyss.

Mechanics of the Abyss

While The Abyss was created as a prototype to The Omniverse, as a way to hold life in it, it was later delegated to being the foundation for the Omniverse and maintaining it remained intact. If anything in the Omniverse would destabilize, it would rely on the Abyss to return it to proper working order. For The Abyss to do this, the broken down segment of the Omniverse returns to The Abyss via special Abyssial gateways, where it would then undergo repair by utilizing the abundant Abyssial Particles present within the realm. Once the repair procedure is finished, the broken segment returns to the Omniverse. There are some cases, however, where things become more complicated; the broken down segment has to be completely rebuilt, where it is damaged beyond the Abyss's abilities to repair normally. In extremely rare cases, the broken segment will be lost to the Abyss entirely, and the particles that initially constructed it will return to the Abyss, allowing the generation of more particles to keep the maintenance flowing smoothly.

Abyss Repair Protocol

The hierarchy of the Abyss's Repair Protocol is as follows:

  • Tier 1: Common Destabilization (Normal): When a segment reaches a point of destabilization, it will return to The Abyss for repair, at which point it will be put back to its natural state just before the events of destabilization occurred. If the procedure is simple enough, it can be injected back into the Infinity Cycle.
  • Tier 2: Common Destabilization (Irregular): When a segment reaches a point of destabilization, it will return to The Abyss for repair. If if it not possible to restore the segment to its natural state just before the events of destabilization occurring, it will return the segment to where it was taken from, isolated from the Infinity Cycle until it is able to self-repair to the point where it can reinitialize a localized Infinity Cycle.
  • Tier 3: Uncommon Destabilization (Reboot): When a segment is destabilized, and the Point of Destabilization cannot be fixed or removed (Usually caused by an external source), The Abyss will execute a special protocol where it reboots that segment, and forces it back into the Omniverse. It is isolated from the Infinity Cycle permanently.
  • Tier 4: Uncommon Destabilization (Termination): If a segment is destabilized while the Abyss is overloaded with other repair instances, the segment will break down entirely and return to Abyssial Particles, which are then used to help lighten the Abyss's current load.
  • Tier 5: Uncommon Destabilization (Shutdown): If a segment is destabilized while the Abyss is overloaded with other repair instances in rapid succession, the segments will break down entirely and return to Abyssial Particles, and the Abyss will be unable to keep up with the influx of segments being sent in and particles being generated. This causes the Abyss to cease all functions until The Creator manually reboots the entire system.

The first two cases happen on a regular basis; segments from within the Omniverse are constantly destabilizing and returning to The Abyss for repair and reinsertion. The later cases are extremely uncommon, and usually do not happen unless said situation is forced, such as during the events of the Omniverse Destabilization Crisis, where Destabilization Catalysts were used to cause rapid destabilization of Omniversal segments to cause the Abyss to overload and cease repairs.

Abyssial Particles

Abyssial Gateways

Void Objects

Isolation from the Infinity Cycle

The Omniverse has a unique trait where everything with in it can branch off and create an entirely new instance based off the smallest of quantum actions, this is what is referred to as the Infinity Cycle. The Infinity Cycle is what allows The Omniverse to house every possibility that is and isn't conceivable. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and they almost always include The Abyss, as well as how it works.

As there is only one Abyss, it would be paradoxical to have an object from The Abyss enter the Omniverse, and then return. It would create an infinite number of said object without end. To prevent this, The Creator made it so that if a segment interacts with The Abyss in any way, that segment becomes isolated from the Infinity Cycle. Segments can also get isolated from the Infinity Cycle if it gets destabilized to the point of being unable to be properly repaired, which results in it being rebooted from scratch.