The Creator

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The Grand Creator of Existence, or simply The Creator, was the entity that created entirety of the Omniverse and the Three Realms. It exists only in the The Source, and never leaves it to walk among its creations. The gender of the Creator is unknown, or if it even has a gender at all; Ancient scriptures from The Beginning of Time refer to the Holy Creator as a singular version of "They", or even "It". Some people even doubt the existence of The Creator, and as time progressed, knowledge of The Creator eventually became intertwined with modern stories about high deities in religious stories (Such as God in the Judaism and Christian Religions on Earth).

Like the Abyss maintains the Omniverse, The Creator is the grand maintainer of the Abyss, as well as the Omniverse (Although, they don't often engage in acts to protect it, for currently unknown reasons.). The Creator reboots The Abyss whenever it gets overwhelmed with Omniversal Segments that need to be repaired. They've also named R.K. as their personal enforcer when it comes to safeguarding The Abyss and The Omniverse, but beyond that they don't do much.

Though the Abyss's primary computer system, The Overseer, can contact The Creator, R.K. seldom does so, with Derxwna doing it even less. To them, contacting The Creator is something only to be invoked in dire emergencies. Meanwhile, Kalypsa Kapsyla has semi-regular conversations with The Creator, and goes so far as to claim they're "pen pals" of a kind. She even says that The Creator's favorite genre of video game is Real Time Strategy, but that they're awful at them.