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The Transcendence Commonwealth is an oligarchy formed on the planet Tabula Rasa in the year x BC by time travellers who wished to build a utopia. The structure of the government changed multiple times over its history, spanning a few thousand years. It collapsed in the late 20th century AD when a civil war broke out across a major region of the planet.

The Transcendence Commonwealth is a Type III civilization on the Kardashev scale. The capital city is Oneirospolis. It is connected by a major network of large pneumatic tubes that transport cargo and people to other cities built by the Transcendence Commonwealth dotted across the planet.

Departments of the Transcendence Commonwealth

Fire -- Department of Industry and Commerce

Earth -- Department of Enviornmental Regulation

The Department of Enviornmental Regulation is the branch of the Transcendence Commonwealth government that makes decisions regarding enviornmental management and use of the resources on the planet Tabula Rasa. It strictly regulates matters that affect the planet's atmosphere and bodies of water, as well as ensuring that light pollution is kept to a minimum. In conjunction with the Department of Energy and Resources, it has indefinitely banned extraction of natural resources from the planet's crust, although this does not stop some Terrans from doing this illicitly.

It manages a large network of satellites orbiting Tabula Rasa, all of which serve multiple functions, including global positioning, planetary imaging, and weather management.

Wind -- Department of Energy and Resources

The Department of Energy and Resources is the branch of the Transcendence Commonwealth that manages its vast stockpiles of energy absorbed from stars and mined resources extracted from many planets and asteroids. It also manages a vast fleet of robots and spaceships, for which it employs to extract natural resources across multiple galaxies.

Water -- Department of Human Resources

Lightning -- Department of Technological Development

Classes of the Transcendence Commonwealth

There are a few major groups of humans on Tabula Rasa that are distinguished by their ancestry.

  • Oneirans are the group of people descended from humans on the original Earth, as well as the time travelers who colonized Tabula Rasa. They live mainly in Transcendence Commonwealth cities, especially Oneiropolis, and are privileged.
  • Terrans are the group of people evolved from primates in Earth, Tabula Rasa, and Gaia's early histories. They do not have as many human ancestors as Oneirans, and typically live scattered across the planets.
  • Clones are the group of people grown in artificial reproduction tanks, whose genetics are typically taken from other clones, Terrans, or some Oneirans. They were originally grown by the Department of Technological Development, who wished to analyze in detail about the effects of various genes that they discovered. The Department of Industry and Commerce started using clone workers in order to support the Department of Technological Development's genetic research, as well as because of the Transcendence Commonwealth's growing distrust of artificial intelligence.