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Andrew "Derxwna Kapsyla" S.
AgeOld enough to want to sleep for a lifetime
BirthApril 15th, 1993
Home planetEarth
Home nationUnited States

Andrew, or as he's more known online, Derxwna, Derxwna Kapsyla, or DerxwnaKapsyla, is a person who hangs out on various locations with various groups of people. For the most part, he spends most of his time on the chat program Discord in several group chats. Derxwna originally went by the name XD003, but he has long since abandoned that handle. He doesn't mind if people call him XD003, but Derxwna's the name he goes by now-a-days. Only Derxwna possesses the informational archives to the XD003 and previous information. If you wanna know more, ask, and he'll likely give it.

Small Note

Articles created by Derxwna are subject to only his edits unless certain exceptions are met. The only exception is if the article breaks canon of a canonical article, or of another person's personal article. Those articles must, however, either been created first or had massive community involvement, whether it be IRC or Wiki-based. Any change to any of Derxwna's articles, without proper permission, will be instantly changed back (The only exception to that is the correction of spelling and/or grammar). If a debate continues over it, an admin will be contacted to lock the page. Almost every article written by Derxwna is slated for serious overhaul and retconning, eventually.

Various facts

  • Aspires to be a Game Designer, most likely working for himself on games he enjoys.
  • Knows little about the internal workings of a computer, despite what people offline think.
  • Tends to take his jokes a bit too far, and accidentally comes off sounding like a jerk.
  • Currently working on a series of games, information about the games can be seen at the Chaotic Infinity page.
  • Also working on a series of a short stories, called the Chronicles of the Omniverse.
  • His computer has many problems on a regular basis. Even the one he recently built from scratch.
  • Stole this format off the old wiki, off his old userpage, from another person who stole the format, and the chain continued...
  • Enjoys sleeping and coming up with ideas.
  • Enjoys creating scenarios of various things in his head.
  • Really came to enjoy writing again.

Common Likes

  • Video Games
  • Writing
  • Reading, but only when he can sit down with something and actually focus on it.
  • The idea of learning
  • M U S I C
  • Touhou
  • Homestuck
  • Doctor Who
  • The concept of The Multiverse
  • Time Travel
  • Being around people

Common Dislikes

  • Conflict
  • Loud noise and large crowds, but is seeking to change it
  • People that are ignorant, but more often people that are vile in their ignorance


Though the name does not stem from this, Derxwna has created a new backstory for the name involving his old alias, XD003. XD003 now canonically stands for X-Class Project: Derxwna, Classification Number 003. X-Class is the name of the project, Derxwna was his assigned name, and 003 stands for the third try in the D-Series of the X-Class Project.

Alternatively, in a retconned series of events, the name "Derxwna" was adopted by a character named Andrew Pozitski, due to it being their old alias, and the name "Kapsyla" was adopted when natives of a universe he visited chanted the word, which means "one who comes from the shadows."

Various Goals

  • Exist.

Story Time

There is no story to be told. What's done is done, and that's all there is to it. If you want a story, perhaps you should read a book; reading a book would be much more interesting than this page, anyways.

Pages that Derxwna has on his userpage