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Maralis is the owner and creator of this site, Infinitypedia. She has a habit of worldbuilding then rehashing them over and over again.

Pages I primarily wrote

I don't really care/mind if you edit my articles. However, if it breaks something or conflicts with my canon, I'll likely just revert the edit.


Bob has four pies. Alice takes twenty pies from him and eats them. Bob now has negative sixteen pies.

Bob has negative sixteen pies. Alice decides to take it and divide it up so that she can give it to a number of people who will also have the same number of pieces. These people now have imaginary four pies each.

Bob is one of the people who received imaginary four pies. As an apology to Bob for taking so many pies from him, Alice gives him twenty-seven pies. Bob now has twenty-seven plus imaginary four pies.

Bob eats twenty-six plus imaginary four pies, and is left with one pie. Alice divides it up by zero, and so Bob ends up with both infinity and negative infinity pies. Somehow.

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