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This is a draft article, intended to propose a new idea. As it is a proposal rather an actual wiki article, it should not be taken as canon. As of July 22, 2013, the article was never ratified (and probably never will be!) but may be reviewed for future ideas.

The collaborative multiverse is a multiverse spanning multiple multiverses and some universes, and is intended to be a collaborative project freely editable by anyone who joins Infinitypedia, in an attempt to create a collaborative continuity. Distinguished from the rest of the Omniverse, the multiverse has distinct physical properties and unique (to that multiverse) entities, in order to serve as a distinct space and remove a great deal of confusing "wibbliness" associated with having everything be possible. As it is a collaborative multiverse and a Mega Crossover, it serves a similar function to Reality 0 in the old Infinitypedia.

It was also concieved as an attempt to incorporate Ikewise's Exoverse into Infinitypedia, by establishing some rules for the multiverse that would make this possible. Two main rules that are suggested:

  1. Limitation of Timelines: Characters cannot simply travel between timelines. This multiverse effectively has only one timelines, though it is possible to bring in/"exchange" specific universes with an alternative history.
  2. Limitation of Power: Azathoth is the most powerful (infinitely powerful) in the multiverse, although other characters can come close.

It is either called the Exoverse or the Metaverse, depending on whether Ikewise minds us using that name. For the purposes of this article, I will call it the "Exoverse". Alternative suggestions are welcome.

Guidelines and ground rules

Derxwna suggested ground rules as a way to preserve continuity. This is likely a good idea.

Physical properties

The Exoverse is four-dimensional and contains four-dimensional and three-dimensional multiverses, which themselves mainly contain three-dimensional universes.

Four-dimensional space exists across the Exoverse, and is a basis for travel between universes. Because four spatial dimensions is confusing to most three-dimensional beings, inter-universal travel is most often done through things like portals, wormholes, or teleportation. The four-dimensional space itself contains many different eldritch monsters, all created by the most powerful, Azathoth.

Mechanics of inter-universal travel

If you explore your own universe, you are unlikely to find any other planets with native humans within a reasonable amount of time, unless humans have previously spread to other planets. However, this is not the case within the Exoverse, as nearly all universes contain a planet with humans on it, or something at least indirectly related to something found on Earth. This is due to the Exoverse existing within mulitple clusters of universes that contain these traits.

As a result, when leaving and entering a universe, the point of least resistence is most often located around the planet that is most Earth-like or contains humans. Therefore, when entering a new universe, you are likely to find yourself on a planet that is like Earth, contains humans, or contains any other species from or related to Earth.

Author's note: The use of universes as opposed to individual planets within a universe is because it incorporates other fictional universes better for the purposes of a Mega Crossover; variations on Earth exist in many different fictional universes, but most of these are not related to each other. However, maybe we should consider merging universes whenever reasonable.

Mechanics of time

There are two types of conceptual time travel, when regarding the axis one travels in. Vertical time travel is the act of travelling to the past or future within your own timeline, while horizontal time travel is the act of travelling to another timeline alongside the present. Vertical time travel is possible and has been done in some universes, whereas horizontal time travel is extremely difficult to do and nearly impossible within the Exoverse.

As such, an entire, single timeline spans the Exoverse, but given sufficient power, it is possible to bring in a single universe from another timeline, or alter an existing universe's history.

List of universes in the Exoverse

Author's note: I'm not sure if we should be using sub-multiverses like this to "organize" universes. Certain fictional "universes", like Magic: The Gathering, do have a defined multiverse, and we can add them here as a sub-multiverse, but aside from that, we might want to avoid that whenever reasonable.
MultiverseSpecial properties
UniverseSpecial propertiesNotable locations
  • Interplanetary travel exists, and the universe is ruled by a federation of sentient species, including humans.
  • Earth (planet)
  • Long ago, a battle between The Wizard and Azathoth destablized physics in this universe.
  • Earth (planet)
    • Equestria (state)
  • Earth (planet)
  • Gammus (planet)
    • Aaag (state)
    • 1st Soviet Socialist Republic (state)
  • Omegaman's universe, its location is currently unknown.
MultiverseSpecial properties
  • The universe, Inversion, is at the center of all universes in this multiverse.
UniverseSpecial propertiesNotable locations
  • This universe acts as a nexus in this multiverse.
  • Therefore, most interdimensional travelers pass through this universe before reaching their destination.
  • Helios (star)
    • Gaia (planet)
      • Valle (state)
        • Unknown Falls (settlement)
        • Nightland (settlement)
        • Meirika Holnaras (settlement)
  • Narikiri (star)
    • Laralis (planet)
      • Kanni (moon)
      • Shira (moon)
MultiverseSpecial properties
  • This multiverse includes all universes that have showed up in Super Smash Bros. as well as universes related to them.
UniverseSpecial propertiesNotable locations
  • This universe is known for a planet populated with creatures called Pokémon.
  • Sun (star)
    • Pokémon World (planet)
      • Moon (moon)
      • Tohjo (Continent)
        • Kanto (Region)
        • Johto (Region)
      • Hoenn (Region)
      • Sinnoh (Region)
      • Orange Islands (Archipelago)
      • Unova (Region)
      • Kalos (Region)
Glitch Dimension
  • Glitch Pokemon inhabit this universe.
  • Glitch City (settlement)
  • This particular universe was created when the Gensokyo Universe crossed over with the Pokemon Universe. It contains Touhoumon from conception, or at some future point in a timeline.
  • Touhoumon: Faith & Prayer Version takes place in this Universe.
  • Monsekai
  • Gensokyo
Empty Pockets
  • An alternative universe of the Pokémon World, where humans must contend with Pokémon without Pokéballs, because they have not been invented.
MultiverseSpecial properties
  • The space between the universes is called the "Blind Eternities". It is mainly filled with Æther, but also contains mana and temporal energy.
UniverseSpecial propertiesNotable locations