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Val-Serona is the name of a planet within the Omniverse. It was named after the Seron Crystal when one of the Archetype of Time's Archetypical Doppelgangers explained what the Seron Crystal was to the population of the planet. It wasn't long after this that the word of the "Divine Green Gem of Time" spread across the land, and gave name to the planet, Val-Serona, where Val comes from the planet's term for divinity.

Inhabitants of Val-Serona worship the concept of time, and many will claim that they are the most punctual species in the known universe, never being too late or early for anything. The truth of these claims is to be determined, but they are indeed exceptionally punctual with their appointments, and have such a grasp of balancing time properly that it would be prudent to take them at face value.

A common sight on Val-Serona are the clock-themed obelisks that house the Monks of Seron, a group of people devoted to the worship of the Seron Crystal. The Monks of Seron's main temple, a pyramid with a clock embedded into it, is located on one of the continent's capital cities, Tempritto, and is where the Seron Crystal of that particular Universal Instance is housed. It is guarded by the Head of the Monks of Seron, Seronda themselves.