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The State of Valle is a peninsula-shaped nation that is part of the United States of Amerika, a loose free trade and military union formed 300 years ago, after a conflict with England, Britannia on Gaia. Not one of the original fifteen colonies that formed the union, Valle was established by settlers who migrated to the west.

In the year 1932 AD, volcanic vents began opening up across Valle, and Meirika Holnaras, a large and mountainous city from a parallel universe, was transposed onto a previously uninhabited mountain range, introducing many people, cultures, and magic that were until 1901 AD completely foreign to the planet. Due to the extremely intense presence of the meisasphere, locations began to be affected in extremely strange ways.

In the year 1992 AD, Valle suddenly split off from the continent of Amerika and floated towards the ocean for about six months until it disappeared for twenty years. While it disappeared from the rest of the planet, cartographers eventually removed it from their maps, and Valle found itself surrounded by endless ocean, the only exit out of Valle being through portals to other dimensions.

Counties of Valle

Valle has multiple administrative divisions called counties.

Annon County

Unknown Falls, county seat
Population: 58,505
Places of interest: Twin Geysers, Sol Amusement Park, Unknown Falls School
It was once an ordinary town in an ordinary land. But that time is long, long gone. Unknown Falls is the peak of unusual volcanic activity in Valle, although the lava is strangely relatively benign to humans and other living things, in the sense that it is not hot enough to immediately reduce living flesh to ashes, but it still burns.
Franklin, rural settlement
Population: 1,013
Amberforth (Oldtown), rural settlement
Population: 375

Orange County

Coruscation, county seat
Population: 9172
Mt. Moon (Mt. Loco), settlement
Population: 918
Not much is known about Mt. Moon, frequently called Mt. Loco by the inhabitants of Unknown Falls, except that they worship Gaia's moon and their houses are plastered in the image of the crescent moon. The settlement is quite inaccessible, either requiring a very long and treacherous hike up its mountain or transport by helicopter.
It has been implicated in the kidnappings of people from nearby Unknown Falls and Meirika Holnaras over the past decades, but little has been done about it.

Bay County

St. Belli, county seat
Population: 12,975
A warm fishing town closely associated with Unknown Falls and surrounded by ocean on one side and forest on the other, the oceans have recently become occupied by merma from Meirika Holnaras.
Lake Lazulum, lake
Population: 102

Autumn County

Melan, county seat
Population: 2869
Crystal Shores
Population: 3
A shore area lined with cliffs and constantly shrouded in cold darkness, which completely clashes with the rest of the climate in Valle. Spirits of the pirates and their ships who once docked in the area long, long ago are sometimes seen there.

Umbre County

Nightland, county seat and state capital
Population: 104,170
Places of interest: Midnight Mountains
As the capital of Valle, Nightland is a decently bustling centre of activity, with people often commuting to and back from Angelic Springs and Unknown Falls.
It surrounds a couple of mountains called the Midnight Mountains, which are always shrouded in imperishable night. Like the various strangenesses in Unknown Falls, the Midnight Mountains are accepted by Nightland's inhabitants as completely inexplicable, but here to stay.

Angelic County

Meirika Holnaras (Angelic Springs), consolidated city-county
Population: 416,427
There used to be an uninhabited mountain range overlooking long plains where this city is located. Then about a week after lava vents started opening in Unknown Falls, the inhabitants of Meirika Holnaras were transported to Valle from another dimension.
As a result, the culture of its inhabitants differ starkly from the rest of Valle, and there have been several tensions in the past, especially as the city consists of many humanoids, including angels and kemonomimi.
Meirika Holnaras has been treated as its own autonomous county that the government of Valle practices very little jurisdiction over.