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A voldernaut is a member of an interdimensional race of semi-sentient organisms whose sole purpose is to fill every corner of the Omniverse with their presence. The voldernauts achieve this through replication of themselves individually and by conquering established sentient races. Their directives are few, their creator is as of yet unknown, and their methods are absolutely brutal. Were it not for the Omniverse's fundamentally infinite nature, they might have the capacity to conquer it all.

HabitatAny, tend to be previously inhabited civilizations
Average LifespanUnknown, don't appear to age
Average HeightSize similar to conquered races
Intelligence LevelSemi-sentient
Physical CharacteristicsCyborg biology, flattened affect
LanguageGibberish, based on established languages
AffiliationVoldernaut Armada
Weapons of ChoiceCybernetic interfaces
Threat LevelUniversal to numerous Multiversal

Biology and Behavior

The voldernaut race is not made up of a single species, but is a conglomerate of conquered races who have all been fitted with a similar cybernetic apparatus of unknown origin. Whatever the exact nature of this apparatus is, the results are consistent: a disruption of the speech and memory centers of the central nervous system. The identity of the attacked individual becomes part of the Voldernaut Armada.

Voldernauts are typically not considered to be fully sentient. A mild amount of self-awareness exists within each individual in that they can tell what "is voldernaut" and what "is not voldernaut". Communication between individuals is not visible by an outside observer as the group uses a hive mind to share information. This has the added effect of each individual losing track of its own designations. A single voldernaut may respond to several dozen designations upon query.

The dichotomy between "voldernaut" and "not voldernaut" seems to be the basis for what little philosophy and intelligence these creatures employ. Voldernauts are allied with that which they deem to be voldernaut, and are distinctly opposed to that which is not. So far, all organic life which is not possessed by the Voldernaut consciousness has been succinctly denied voldernaut status. They do not seem to be concerned with anything else. Organic life is seen as a target, and everything else is considered a tool for obtaining and overcoming that target.

Voldernauts have two methods of spreading and creating new instances of themselves: infection and replication. The first method is parasitic while the second is a crude aping of single-celled organisms asexual replication. Neither method is particularly friendly to either the previous or new instance of the voldernaut, which has lead researchers to believe that the process of becoming a voldernaut includes further degradation of the nervous system than the speech and memory centers. The full extent of damage is as of yet unknown.


Infection is the primary reproductive mechanism of the voldernaut armada and the drive for their continued migration across the Omniverse. Voldernauts seek to infect organic life with whatever it is that makes them "voldernaut", which appears to be a cybernetically based virus which conforms into a small box, roughly the size of a matchbook, fixed onto a part of the being's anatomy. After being infected, the being in question seems to have no recognition of the device or the virus, even when facing it directly.

The conversion process to the final known stage of infection takes roughly 48 hours. During that time the infected being's external senses experience total shutdown, and memory loss gradually begins to occur. Short term memory loss begins at the 5 hour stage with long-term degradation occurring anywhere from 9-13 hours after infection. Speech degradation occurs throughout the whole 48 hour process, beginning with swapping similar words out for each other or altering the meaning of a simple sentence and ending with wholesale gibberish. By the end of the infection stage, the voldernaut has somehow been mentally linked with the Armada and experienced an irreversible severing of self identity.

Voldernaut infection is an illness which has mystified most medical sciences because the disease is not entirely organic, leading to difficulties in treating it via normal medication or treatment processes.


Replication is the secondary reproductive process of the voldernaut, acting as a defense mechanism and auxiliary support process to prevent the complete decimation of the voldernaut race. Replication occurs when nothing which can be identified as "not voldernaut" can be located in the immediate vicinity, yet damage or destruction has been relayed throughout the shared consciousness.

Upon receiving this information, voldernauts will locate nearby inorganic material and assimilate it into their physiology. They do so by manipulating the structure of the inorganic material on an incredibly detailed level to create new, functioning inorganic limbs and other vital structures. Existing voldernauts can even create functioning grey matter or the equivalent in inorganic components, however, this is very uncommon and usually not employed to create an entire brain. The most common method of replication is to tear a single voldernaut lengthwise in a brutal process, and then replicate each half into an entire functioning voldernaut.

The obvious question, then, is why the voldernauts do not simply take inorganic matter and create new voldernauts out of that instead of going so far as to assimilate living organisms into their ranks. The simple and terrible fact is that they do, but only as a means to the end of assimilating further races of sentient creatures. One of the earliest recorded voldernaut outbreaks suggests that they consumed the entire population of the planet, discovered a deep mine shaft, and built an enormous army out of the internal structure of the planet, sucking it resource-dry from the inside out. The resulting army then pooled its collective consciousness to create great space-faring vessels out of the only things left within range: the once-orbiting moon, the other planets, the local star, and other voldernauts. There does not appear to be an upper limit on what the armada can assimilate via its incredibly advanced cybernetic technology.

The Voldernaut Armada

Voldernaut Armada
Official TitleVoldernaut
Commonly referred to asThe Voldernaut Armada, the Voldernaut Hive Mind, the Voldercloud, the Swarm, the Voldernaut Legions, the Volderhorde
Species involvedVarious conquered species which have been converted to voldernauts
DestroyedVarious destruction in certain timelines
HeadquartersVoldernaut server farms
LeaderNone, voldernauts act in equity with each other
Factional Details
EnemiesAll sentient races which are not considered "voldernaut"

The Voldernaut Armada, simply referred to as the collective "voldernaut" by the consciousness itself, is the term used to describe the entire voldernaut hive mind. Every voldernaut within a given universe is linked to that universe's incarnation of the Armada by their cybernetic enhancements. Information is spread freely, rapidly, and without discretion within the Armada, and every voldernaut has complete access to the entire spectrum of data which the Armada contains.

When converting a sapient being into a voldernaut, the cybernetic enhancements seal away the memory of the being to prevent corrosion and access the information stored within the being's memory if a piece of information cannot be obtained. For example, if the particular individual had a specific and unique set of skills to solve a problem, and the Armada encountered that problem, it would then attempt to access the memory of that individual to gain the information necessary to continue the Armada's spread across the multiverse.

If the Armada senses that a certain area of space has successfully converted all potential matter/beings into organisms which qualify as "voldernaut" and that there are sufficient troops to continue the spread elsewhere, a set group of voldernauts will become permanently installed onto a barren planet and used as a server farm. Server farms are no longer used for the direct assimilation of organisms, but take care of the larger data processing required to seek out new targets and create new technology to further the cause of the Armada.


See also: Hunter-Killer

The Hunter-Killers are a series of increasingly powerful androids created with the sole purpose of repelling a Voldernaut invasion force. Those universes which have developed some form of Hunter-Killer have been shown to have a much higher survival rate than those which have not. The Hunter-Killers at Mark III and beyond are some of the only forces which the voldernauts have severe issues in overtaking, as psionic disrupters that these models carry can throw individual voldernauts horribly off-balance by severing their connection to the Armada. A large set of the incarnations of the Armada have no knowledge of the Hunter-Killers as the information never makes it back to the rest of the Armada before the scout teams and witnesses are destroyed.

The Hunter-Killers are typically revealed to the Armada after they overtake someone who has witnessed the Hunter-Killers while still alive, or at least, prior to their becoming a voldernaut. The Armada may eventually adapt beyond the Hunter-Killers abilities, but for now they rely on strength in numbers to overwhelm any opposing force.

The Volderverse

MultiverseSpecial properties
  • Voldernauts are present in these universes
UniverseSpecial propertiesNotable locations
Real Life

Voldernauts in this universe are merely harmless spambots which pose no threat to the Omniverse, multiverse, universe, or any human/non-human life whatsoever.


In the pursuit of infinite knowledge, some methods are less savory than others.

  • A shady character named Pyeus Magnatt on the planet Trodein has taken it upon himself to create an Infinitypedia
  • Magnatt has created a horde of Voldernaut drones to collect the information contained within all living beings, then convert them to biological computers dedicated to the task of extrapolating the information for all potential universes
  • In this manner, the creation of the Infinitypedia is completed through the Voldernaut swarm
  • Trodein
  • Pyeus Magnatt's central server
  • Earth, a potential target of the ever-encroaching swarm
Volderpeer vs Hunter-Kombaticus
  • The Voldernaut Armada has successfully obtained the knowledge, body, and skills of peer and is implementing the teleportation power into some of their ranks
  • Hunter-Killers are being developed but one is faulty, refusing to acknowledge its given designation and identifying only as "Combaticus"
The Combaticus Armada vs Hunter-peers
  • The title-bearer of Combaticus has been overtaken by the Voldernaut Armada and all units in the Armada are identifying as Combaticus
  • peer, the multiversal assassin, has been conscripted by the designers of the Hunter-Killer to upgrade the model as one of the only being in the Omniverse with the capability to defeat Combaticus

Behind the Scenes

Voldernauts are based on internet spam bots, and the term "voldernaut" comes from a particular brand of spam bot which plagued a series of forums. Somewhere in the mess of words that the spam bot posted was a phrase similar to "voldernautjgi", and the beginning syllables of the word became shorthand for spam bot on that forum and eventually Infinitypedia.

The first incarnation of Infinitypedia was eventually overwhelmed by the numbers of voldernauts present, which then inspired the behavior of these fictional voldernauts.